Fellow members

Fellow members

The status of Fellow is recognition of the leading role that a member has played in the environment profession. It is a well-deserved acknowledgement of their professional standing and commitment to ethical practice over an extended period.

Fellow members are appointed at the invitation of the Institute President following a nomination and review process. Senior practitioners with at least 10 years’ experience in the profession and who have been an Institute member continuously for at least two years are eligible for nomination.


Last names: A - F | G - M | N - S | T - Z

A - F

Ian Ackland FEIANZ
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Matthew Baird FEIANZ
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Belinda Bastow FEIANZ
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Dr Tom Beer FEIANZ
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David Bell FEIANZ
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Dr Terry Bellair FEIANZ

Mark Bellingham FEIANZ CEnvP
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Dr Lee Benson FEIANZ

Ian Boothroyd FEIANZ CEnvP - Ecology
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Vicki Brady FEIANZ CEnvP
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Adj Prof John Brannock
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Graham Brown FEIANZ
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Patrice Brown FEIANZ CEnvP
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Dianne Buchan FEIANZ
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Carolyn Cameron FEIANZ
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David Carberry FEIANZ

Simon Cavendish FEIANZ

Carol Conacher FEIANZ CEnvP-Ecology

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Clive Cook FEIANZ
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Dr Maxine Cooper FEIANZ
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Cathy Crawley FEIANZ

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Diane Dowdell FEIANZ
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Frank Downing FEIANZ

David Francis FEIANZ
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G - M

Fiona Gainsford FEIANZ
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Bill Gardyne FEIANZ

Robert Gell FEIANZ

Nicholas Graham-Higgs FEIANZ

Warwick Giblin FEIANZ
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Claire Gronow FEIANZ
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Scott Hanna FEIANZ
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Dr Ronnie Harding FEIANZ
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Rolfe Hartley FEIANZ
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Zena Helman FEIANZ

Dr David Hogg FEIANZ
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Richard Hoy FEIANZ

Dr Bryan Jenkins FEIANZ
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Stephen Jenkins FEIANZ

David Johnson FEIANZ
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Paulette Jones FEIANZ CEnvP

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Paul Keighley FEIANZ
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Graeme Kelleher FEIANZ
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Bruce Kennedy FEIANZ
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Jack Krohn FEIANZ
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Desiree Lammerts FEIANZ Dr Hugh Lavery FEIANZ
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Suzanne Little FEIANZ Dr Andrew Lothhian FEIANZ

Professor Darryl Low Choy FEIANZ

Dr Neil Marshman FEIANZ
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Dr David Mercer FEIANZ
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Kim McClymont FEIANZ CEnvP
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Dr Charles Meredith FEIANZ Philip Millin FEIANZ

Anita Mitchell FEIANZ
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Darren Murphy FEIANZ CEnvP
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N - S

Dr Peter Nadebaum FEIANZ Bronte Nixon FEIANZ CEnvP - Impact Assessment
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Dr John Ottaway FEIANZ
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Mark O'Brien FEIANZ

Dr Barbara Radcliffe FEIANZ
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Dr Judith Roper-Lindsay FEIANZ
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Professor Helen Ross FEIANZ
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Dr Fabian Sack FEIANZ
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Randall Scott FEIANZ

Richard Sharp FEIANZ
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Adam Smith FEIANZ CEnvP
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Emeritus Prof David Stokes FEIANZ

T - Z

Nick Thomas FEIANZ
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Dr John Thorogood FEIANZ
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Dr Geoffrey Wescott FEIANZ
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Steve Wilke FEIANZ
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Lachlan Wilkinson FEIANZ
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Michael Williams FEIANZ

Mark Williamson FEIANZ
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Jon Womersley FEIANZ
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Faye Woodward FEIANZ
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