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Past events

Organising Chapter / Branch
5, 20, 27 & 26-Aug-2015

Guidelines for better ecological practice in New Zealand

Dr Judith Roper-Lindsay and Dr Ian Boothroyd presented at a series of events across New Zealand aimed at increasing the awareness and purpose of the Ecological Impact Assessment Guidelines and what it means to be a professional practitioner.

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Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington Branches


The 'Shower of Fertility' and other scientific miracles: the formative role of science in post war agriculture

Dr Catherine Knight, environmental historian and author, discussed how New Zealand farming was revolutionised in the wake of the Second World War. The war brought two major benefits: a cheap source of fertiliser, and planes to drop it from. While the duo-culture of clover and ryegrass was perfected and changed the face of farming through much of the country, it also came at a cost.

Wellington Branch

Understanding and Implementing the Freshwater NPS

​The National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014 (Freshwater NPS) sets out the objectives and policies for freshwater management under the RMA. Ian Boothroyd - Principal Ecologist at Boffa Miskell and Raewyn Sendles - Natural Environment Strategy Team at Auckland Council shared their knowledge and perspectives about the policy and the potential implications for Auckland.

Auckland Branch

EIANZ New Zealand Symposium - Focusing on What Matters

This one-day Symposium was opened by Hon Dr Nick Smith (Minister for the Environment) and Rod Oram. Speakers came from local government, industry and NGOs and presented on two topics currently affecting environmental management in NZ – the freshwater NPS and local body amalgamation.


Rod Oram - Our next revolution: Focusing on what matters we work with the ecosystem not against it

Richard Thompson - Cleaning up the Manawatū River: A collaborative approach

Elizabeth McGruddy - Enabling farmers to achieve excellent freshwater outcomes

Tim Higham - Achieving effective engagement across multiple agencies: the case of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park

Nicki Green - Stormwater Management and the NPS for Freshwater Management 2014

Nigel Corry - Implementing the NPS-FM in the Wellington region

Cr Christine Scott - Hawke’s Bay Regional Council: Is it fundamental to Hawke’s Bay’s future success?

Barry Johnson - The National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management

Simon Harvey - The Natural Step

Barbara Donaldson - Achieving excellent environmental outcomes in the context of local government reform in Wellington

New Zealand Chapter

Christchurch Branch Meeting

Pene Ferguson, Environmental Specialist Consultant with the World Bank presented on the topic: 'Infrastructure with Benefits – What the Upper Cisokan Hydropower Project is doing for endangered species in West Java, Indonesia'.

Christchurch Branch

Christchurch Branch Meeting

Ced Croft, Terra Pacific -Valuations, Property, Resource Management presented on the topic: ‘DIY Biodiesel - a demonstration’.

Christchurch Branch

Christchurch Branch Meeting

Gerard Fitzgerald, Social Scientist with Fitzgerald Applied Sociology discussed his work with Landcare Research on: 'Trustworthy indicators for monitoring biodiversity using birds in the first trial'.

Christchurch Branch
12-Nov-2014 Changing Conversations - Changing Outcomes
A short presentation by Heike Schiele on a recent PhD research project: 'The voice of Maori in integrated freshwater management – A case study from the Manawatu catchment'.
Wellington Branch

Christchurch Branch Meeting

Richard Howard, Soil and Groundwater Consultant at Separate Phase Ltd presented on the topic: 'Environmental Projects at an Individual Property Scale – soil and groundwater investigations, regulation and practice'.

Christchurch Branch

Christchurch Branch Meeting

Lynda Murchison, Provincial President of North Canterbury Federated Farmers, consultant to Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu, lecturer and PhD candidate presented on ;Traditional environmental knowledge in farming and other environmental management'.

Christchurch Branch
03-Sep-2014 Christchurch Branch Meeting
Ned Norton, Water Resource Management Consultant, with NN Consulting presented on the topic: Changing times for freshwater - the National Policy Statement, National Objectives Framework and collaboration.
Christchurch Branch

New Zealand Chapter Annual General Meeting

The Wellington Branch hosted the AGM. The meeting was followed by a presentation on the freshwater management national policy statement 2014 by Roger Bannister, Manager, Freshwater Management – Implementation, Water Directorate, Ministry for the Environment.

New Zealand Chapter
11-Jul-2014 Christchurch Branch Meeting
Jeska McNicol, Partner at McHugh and Shaw presented on 'Environmental Sustainability for Small and Medium Sized Businesses'.
Christchurch Branch

Biodiversity Offsets

This event was supported by Buddle Findlay and featured presentations from Spencer Clubb of the Department of Conservation, Bernie Napp of Straterra and David Allen of Buddle Findlay.

Wellington Branch

EIANZ New Zealand Symposium - 'Life on the edge: managing our rural/urban fringe environments'

Topics included natural hazards, biodiversity and ecology at the fringe, landscape change, ‘greening the greyfields’, rural and small town growth, and post-quake land use planning in Canterbury. Keynote speakers were Christchurch Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck, Dr. Morgan Williams and Dr. Tom Lambie.

New Zealand Chapter