Board Committees

Board Committees

The EIANZ Board has established a series of Committees to inform its decision making on specific areas and reflect and support the purpose and priorities of the Institute. Committees also provide ways for the membership to be part of Institute decision making and direction.

The Board Committees are:

  • Audit and Risk Committee - focuses on the performance of the EIANZ, the management of its exposure to risks, and its resilience to disruptions.
  • Finance Committee - focuses on financial policies, goals and budgets that are consistent with the purposes and strategic goals of the EIANZ; reviews and reports on financial performance, major transactions and programs.
  • Human Resources Committee - focuses on personnel policies and procedures, staffing establishments, remuneration and performance management.
  • Communications Committee - focuses on the development and delivery of effective and relevant communications to members and the wider community
  • Policy and Practice Committee - focuses on good practice environmental management policy and advocacy of that policy and the role of the EIANZ in the environmental profession and the community.
  • Student and Early Careers Committee - focuses on the development of member services for and membership by students and early career environmental practitioners.
  • Disciplinary Committee - receives, hears and determines references from the Board relating to allegations that there are sufficient grounds for taking disciplinary action against an individual.
  • Disciplinary Appeals Committee - hears and determines appeals against decisions by the Disciplinary Committee.

Meeting and reporting

Each Committee meets and reports on its activities quarterly, or on a needs basis. Meetings will be held via teleconference, unless otherwise decided by the Committee. Teleconference codes will be provided to all Committee members.

The Chair of each Committee will make arrangements from within the members of the Board Committee to keep and produce a record of meetings.

Committees are required to provide a quarterly report on activities. The Chair of each Committee will ensure that Committee quarterly reports are provided to the Board.

Terms of office

The Board will formally review the operations of these Committees every two years and resolve to continue or amend their terms of reference, membership, or operations.

Committee support

Central Office will provide support to Board Committees.