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Past events





Northern Rivers Contaminated Land and Waste Forum

This one-day forum covered the latest developments in contaminated land and waste management industries in the NSW Northern Rivers region. Leading practitioners from the NSWEPA, local government and industry provided insight into regulatory updates and current industry practice. With the growing need for certified practitioners in this area, information was also provided on the Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme and its specialist certification in contaminated land. View the program here.

Marc Salmon MEIANZ CEnvP - NSW accredited site auditor

Rod Harwood - Industry leader

Bill Haylock FEIANZ CEnvP - CEnvP Board member

Phillippa Biswell - Sutherland Council

Scott Hunter - NSWEPA

Christine Pitman - Ballina Shire Council

Sam Waskett - NSWEPA

Naomi Lee - NSWEPA

David A Johnson - NSWEPA

Kylie Lloyd - Zoic Environmental

Ross Fox - Fishburn Watson O'Brien


Reinvigorating environmental management

Can the new EMS standard help drive improvement in the environmental outcomes from your business? This interactive PEP event discussed the main implications of the new version of the international standard for environmental management systems (ISO 14001:2015).

Julie Dickson - Dickson Environmental Consulting and Audit

NSW PEP - True cost of litter

This seminar explored the social impact and wider ranging effect of litter in public spaces. NSW EPA provided insight on their refreshed anti-litter education campaign and opportunities for grant funding under the Waste Less Recycle More 2017-21 extension.

Darren Perrin - Eunomia

Blake Lindley - Edge Environment

Sharon Owens - NSW EPA


NSW PEP - ‘Smarter’ water monitoring - supporting environmental assessments at a project-specific level

Dr Dan Evans presented on a range of ‘smarter’ water monitoring techniques by way of case-studies. He addressed what needs to be obtained from environmental monitoring programs and provided some guidance on how to go about achieving this.

Dr Dan Evans - Beca

PEP Talk: Waste management in the modern world

Dr Stuart Dever, a specialist with more than 25 years experience in waste management, presented on:

  • How waste management has changed over the last 50 years
  • The performance and sustainability of current strategies and practices
  • The new (2016) NSW EPA Environmental Guidelines for Solid Waste Landfills
  • Waste management at the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre
Dr Stuart Dever - Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) Forum

This forum featured expert speakers covering the latest on PFCs and answering some of the following questions:

  • What do we know about PFCs and what is the current status?
  • What do we actually know about the toxicology and health risk of PFCs?
  • What are your legal risks for PFC contamination without clear regulation?
  • How is NSW currently a regulating PFCs, and what changes are coming?
  • What are our limitations /improvements in detecting/analysing PFCs?
  • What are some of the technologies available and being developed to clean up PFC impact?

Innovation in the environment

Facilitated by Jan Rieche, Polyglot Group, this event featured presentations on the latest in renewables from frontline leaders in the field including: Dan Sturrock - Investment Director, Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA),
Dean Stehling - Executive Director, Allgird - an Indigenous Corporation leading the way with battery storage and
Nigel Morris - CEO, RoofJuice Australia.

Event flyer

PEP Talk - Legislative Impacts on Biodiversity and Climate Change

Rachel Walmsley, Director of Policy and Law Reform, EDO NSW, presented on climate change and biodiversity conservation. In essence, what the law tries to do now is to save everything as it is and where it is. This approach will become increasingly redundant in light of the challenges posed by climate change. Rather, to deal with these challenges, Rachel discussed how the need for new and innovative legal approaches.


Asbestos Contamination in Soil

When asbestos is identified in soil managing it can quickly turn into an expensive exercise. Recent documents released by Workcover NSW and the EPA have provided clarity and consistency in the way that asbestos is managed when identified in soil. At this seminar, presentations provided an introduction into the application of these documents.

EPA NSW: 2013 Amendment of the Assessment of Site Contamination NEPM 1999

Workcover NSW: Managing Asbestos in or on Soil


PEP Talk Series: Bushfire persistence and why resilience matters

Bushfires are a part of Australian environment. So they require a sound risk management approach along with integration of a range of measures to reduce their impact and to build resilience from their impact. Lew Short, formerly of the NSW Rural Fire Service outlined some of the challenges that bushfires present to practitioners the Blue Mountains bushfires used as a case study.

Lew Short - Eco Logical Australia

Engagement Forum

EIANZ President, the newly appointed General Manager and a governance expert spoke on shaping the future of the EIANZ. Discussion focused on future directions and opportunities for the EIANZ and how they support the professional careers of environmental practitioners in the private and public sectors of the economy.

Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme presentation

Strategy and governance presentation

Engagement forum presentation