What our members say

What our members say

Being a member of EIANZ is essential for all environmental practitioners. It provides professional development opportunities and a forum for networking with peers which allows the practitioner to stay current and relevant. The EIANZ is a voice for the profession that enables the community and other stakeholders to better understand the importance of our work. If you are not a member, I encourage you to be one and make that broader commitment to our profession. I am sure EIANZ will introduce you to new friends, colleagues and employers.’
Nigel Murphy FEIANZ CEnvP, Member since 1993

I joined EIANZ as a second-year undergraduate environmental science student at Sydney University and have been an active member ever since. While I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do in my career, EIANZ opened my eyes to the vast opportunities available. A highlight for me at the time was mentoring, where I got some great career advice from very senior practitioners. Since then, EIANZ has been the one constant throughout my career, through university, as a consultant and now with the Australian Government. I've met some great friends and had lots of fun along the way too!’ Paul Keighley MEIANZ CEnvP, Member since 2001

I became a member because the (then) newly-formed EIA offered a professional ‘home’ for a wide range of skilled practitioners seeking to manage and enhance the natural environment, and to understand and minimise the impacts of development. Now that our Institute is EIANZ, and has grown and embraced a commitment to excellence and professional development, membership is even more important if we are to raise practice standards and gain the community’s trust as a profession.’
Alan Chenoweth FEIANZ CEnvP, Member since 1992

I joined EIANZ once I became an Environmental Scientist to stay on top of the latest news and connect with people within my field. It has also been a great goal setting motive for actively improving my knowledge for both my career and interests around environmental services.’
Amanda Fountain, Associate Member since 2015

I joined EIANZ in 1999 as a junior environmental professional. I respected my managers who were top of their field and members of professional planning, engineering or sectoral institutes. They had indicated that joining the Institute was a good way to network and gain valuable learnings relevant to the profession. This turned out to be right. I remain a member because in part I wish to be able to pay back in some way to the profession by providing services to our members which former Institute members provided to me as a young professional. We are trained professionals dealing daily in a multi-disciplinary environment with unique skills that are relevant, necessary and valuable to our society. I feel that as a young industry it is important for there to be a collective organisation that represents the profession. Being a member adds weight to that body.’
Dugal McFarlane MEIANZ CEnvP, Member since 1999

‘I joined EIANZ in 2014 to increase my professional membership. I was undertaking a contaminated site investigation in Queensland that requires assessors to hold at least two professional memberships. I chose to stay an active member because of the opportunities EIANZ provides for training, networking, influence, etc, and for professional development for my application for CEnvP. Furthermore, as NSW EPA is rolling out the certified practitioner scheme for contaminated land consultants, being an active and full member of EIANZ sets me apart from other consultants.’
Kelly Lee MEIANZ, Member since 2014

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