Northern Territory



  • Jeff Richardson MEIANZ

    Jeff Richardson MEIANZ President
    +61 409 881 874 Email

    Jeff has a BSc (Hons) from James Cook University.  He has worked for the Commonwealth and Western Australian governments and as a consultant in policy, land management and science roles. In 2008 was peer nominated for the award as Conservation Scientist of the Year in WA for his leadership in linking science with conservation practice and engagement in the south-west of Western Australia.  Currently the Principal Consultant at EcOz Environmental Consultants in Darwin, Jeff retains his interest in environmental outcomes through community involvement in policy development and application. He has been an EIANZ member since 2012.  He is currently on the Advisory Council and the President of the NT Division.

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  • Craig Smith MEIANZ

    Craig Smith MEIANZ Vice President
    +61 433 065 777 Email

    Craig is an Environmental Manager within NT Government undertaking environmental and cultural approvals, and environmental management of NT Government infrastructure projects.  He has been an EIANZ member since 2013, and has held the NT committee positions of Secretary and Vice President.

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  • Sarah Arblaster MEIANZ

    Sarah Arblaster MEIANZ Secretary and Events
    +61 407 013 395 Email

    Sarah has a Grad Cert in Sustainability from Swinburne University.  She has worked for the Victorian and Commonwealth government and as a consultant focusing on environmental management, compliance and behavioural change. In 2012, she received a World Meteorological Day Team Excellence Award for her input to the environmental remediation of Willis Island Post Cyclone Yasi. Currently she manages the Mining Statutory Register for NT Government presently focuses on the mining compliance.  She has been an EIANZ member since 2012 and has held committee positions in both Vic and NT.

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  • Tom Ewers-Reilly MEIANZ

    Tom Ewers-Reilly MEIANZ Treasurer
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  • Bill Low MEIANZ

    Bill Low MEIANZ Southern NT Rep
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  • Anja Moritz-Zimmermann MEIANZ

    Anja Moritz-Zimmermann MEIANZ

    Anja Moritz-Zimmermann MEIANZ Events Coordinator
    +61459 039 121 Email

    Anja is a Senior Plant Ecologist / Environmental Consultant with a focus on mine rehabilitation and closure, environmental impact assessments, and vegetation monitoring. She has been an EIANZ member since 2008.

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  • Aiden Campbell MEIANZ

    Aiden Campbell MEIANZ Committee Member
    +61 428 994 586 Email

    Aiden is an Environmental Consultant and presently undertaking environmental assessment of projects within the NT and Qld.  He has been an EIANZ member since 2016. 

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  • Robyn Maurer MEIANZ

    Robyn Maurer MEIANZ Committee Member
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