South Australia

Past events

Past events

The South Australia Division holds networking events featuring presentations from a range of industry experts.


Annual General Meeting and Beach Energy

During the AGM the president's and treasurer's report were presented. The SA member base increased from 78 members to 81 members. A new committee was elected including new President Maria Pedicini and Vice President Stacey Bunn.

Zoe Bowen, Environmental Advisor with Beach Energy, then provided an insight into the environmental challenges associated with oil and gas exploration and production and how Beach Energy manages and minimises its environmental impact in the Cooper Basin.


Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Some aspects of ethics are timeless and universal; others vary with time and place. Ethics are personal, but science, law, religious tenets, professional codes, community standards and the media are guideposts. These themes and more were discussed during an open forum with environmental professionals.


EPBC Bilateral Agreements and Cost Recovery

Travis How, Director of the EBS Group, provided information on the current processes surrounding the implementation of the Bilateral Agreements for assessments under the Commonwealth’s EPBC Act 1999. He also detailed the cost recovery model that is being implemented for assessments and shared a few happy snaps of the species and communities protected under the Act.


Zoned Out: South Australia’s Marine Parks 15 years in the making

James Brook, an Adelaide based marine biologist, will provided an overview of the processes undertaken to establish a representative system of marine parks in South Australia over the past 15 years and provide some insight into the politics surrounding the issue.


Aboriginal Heritage event: The Responsibilities, Pitfalls & Benefits Of Good Basic Knowledge

A presentation was given by Oona Nicolson, Director and Principal Heritage Advisor at Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty Ltd.


The Natural History of Spencer Gulf

The editors of Natural History of Spencer Gulf, a new Royal Society of South Australian Inc publication, joined the SA Division for their July meeting and presented on Spencer Gulf and their book.


Aerosol Regional Dimming and Drought in South East Australia

Keith Potts, retired oil and gas geophysicist, discussed how parameters such as aerosol optical depth and aerosol index of the South East Asian Plume and the volume of aerosols ejected by volcanoes (tephra) in south east Asia correlate with drought in Australia.


Environmental Impact Assessment: Basic Protocols and Pitfalls

Steve Green, National Manager for EIA and government approvals at JBS&G, shared some key EIA approaches and pitfalls, drawing on his considerable experience in the area.