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Past events

Past events

SEQ Division has an active professional development and event program. Presentations from recent events are available below.

Presentations and documents

Are strategic assessments the answer?

Strategic assessments are landscape scale assessments and unlike project-by-project assessments, which look at individual actions (such as construction and operation of a pipeline or wind farm), they can consider a much broader set of actions.

Entering into a strategic assessment offers the potential to deal with cumulative impacts on Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) and to look for both conservation and planning outcomes on a much larger scale than can be achieved through project-by-project assessments. The process is designed to be flexible and provide the opportunity to reach a negotiated outcome for the benefit of both parties.

Slides from the Presentation

Online recording, including slides

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4 & 5-June-2015

LEAP Summit - Legislation, Environmental Approvals and Policy

LEAP was a two day summit focussing on the hurdles and pathway forward for environmental legislation, environmental approvals and policy.

Rarely a week goes by without discussions or notifications of a change of environmental legislation, policy or approvals strategy. As environmental practitioners, or professionals who work closely with environmental planning, we must adapt to these hurdles and provide ethical, sustainable solutions. In this forum we will hear from Queensland’s leading practitioners in environmental approvals, development and implementation of legislation and policy.

Check out the presentations to see how are lessons from the past being applied to improve performance and enhance environmental outcomes? How can we lead the way for the next generations for environmentally and economically sustainable solutions to today's challenges?

Event Program

Graeme Newton - Deloittes

Elisa Nichols - EHP

Deb Calliser - Dept of Environment

Paul Wilson - Ashurst

Hamish Manzi - Adani

James MacDermott - Aecom

Paul Lindsay - Compass Assurance

James Mackenzie - EHP

Graeme Bolton - DILGP

Omar Ameer - EHP

Barton Green - Three Plus

Brad May - Epic Environmental

Michael Klug AM - Clayton Utz

Michael Ryan - Arrow Energy

Hugh Lavery - AEI


Managing and reporting on Contaminated land sites in Queensland

Effectively managing all aspects of contaminated land sites is much like mastering a complex jigsaw puzzle! All the pieces must fit together to tell the story, from the initial desktop historical assessments, to in field assessments, sampling, sample transfer, laboratory, data analysis and interpretation, reporting, administrative and auditing assessment through to potential legal aspects associated with impacts upon the receiving environment.

Brad May - Epic Environmental

Event Flyer


Advancing Sustainability with Environmental Practice

Advancing sustainability in business activities, projects and organisations requires more than technical skills. Practitioners need to help project leaders identify then own sustainability priorities and organise solutions with their stakeholders.

This presentation will introduce practical tools to assist you with exploring issues and guiding others in managing them. Our presenter will also outline how to customise communication of priorities to leverage support for sustainability endeavours.

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Contemporary Issues in Environmental Impact Assessment

This seminar provided attendees with an overview of the EIA processes available in Queensland as well as an insight into important legal and technical considerations when deciding on what process works best for a particular project.

Geraldine Squires - GHD

Xavier McMahon - Clayton Utz

Event Flyer


Native Title - not just mining anymore

Attendees obtained a practical update on native title legislation and case law both in Australia and in Canada, and how that legal framework is shaping resource development projects.

Dr Jonathan Fulcher - HopgoodGanim

Scott Hanna - Hatch Pty Ltd

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Australian Government's One Stop Shop

Stephanie Secomb - Assistant Director, Policy and Reform Branch and Joe Walters - Assistant Director, Policy and Reform Branch presented a webinar on the Australian Government's plan for a one-stop shop for environmental approvals policy.

Fact sheet on the one-stop shop

Slides from the presentation

Online recording of the webinar (complete with slides)

Answers to questions asked during webinar that speakers ran out of time to answer

For further questions, send an email to the one-stop shop


Value Adding: Embedding Environment as a Pillar of Foundation in all Industries and Roles

This forum aimed to provide inside knowledge from those who have changed career sectors, and provide advice and guidance on a range of topics from experienced professionals in career transitions and career transition specialists.

Danial Evans - Department of Education, Training and Employment

Edwin Trevor-Roberts – Trevor-Roberts

Kerry Wastell - CDIF​


Cumulative Impacts

This one day forum, sponsored by Hatch, delivered a combination of reflections on progress made, together with insights into current and often innovative approaches to understanding and managing cumulative impacts.

Keynote address by Prof. David Brereton - Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Lindsay Delzoppo - Department of Environment and Heritage

Olivia Williamson - HopgoodGanim

Scott Hanna - Hatch Pty Ltd

Carol Conacher - FRC Environmental

Peter Gehrke - Opus International Consultants

Bryce Skarratt - BHP Billiton

Jeff Humphreys - Cardno

​Ben Reid - ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

Michele Fulcher -

​Event Flyer


How to be adaptable in a changing industry

A half day forum that explored how environmental professionals can adapt to the changing job market when employers can no longer guarantee a job for life.

James MacDermott – AECOM

Edwin Trevor-Roberts – Trevor-Roberts

Bev Ryan - RedSpec

25- Sep-2014

Regulatory Strategy an update and legal perspective

An afternoon forum about changes to the regulatory strategy and what it will mean environmental practitioners and their clients.

Omar Ameer - Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Sarah Macoun - HopgoodGanim

View the Regulatory Strategy


Threatened species - the law, the science and practical measures for management

This one-day forum covered changes to laws affecting threatened species, provided​ practical examples of threatened species assessment and management, discussed threatened species habitat mapping by statutory agencies and considered whether efforts to protect threatened species are worth the expense.

David Dique - ERM

Jacki McKeay - Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Andrew Franks - O2 Ecology

Natalie Clark - GHD

Nikki O'Donnell - AMEC

​Ben Cook - frc environmental

Jo Bragg - Environmental Defenders Office

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