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Ethics Hotline

Ethics Hotline

The Ethics Hotline is an extension of the EIANZ Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that all EIANZ members and Certified Environmental Practitioners adhere to. The service is designed to provide general advice to members who find themselves in challenging or complex situations and improve their capacity to manage and prevent ethical challenges in their line of work.

This confidential member service is run by Ethilogical – a professional ethics consultancy that can advise on challenges such as:

  • conflicts of interest
  • watering down of recommendations
  • interpreting professional Codes of Conduct
  • interpersonal conflict.

Lodging a Code of Ethics Complaint

If you consider that a member has breached the EIANZ Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct or otherwise failed to adhere to the EIANZ Rules of Association, you can lodge a complaint via the link below:

Lodge a complaint here


New Zealand: +64 3669 4842
Australia: +61 3 8593 9698


No personal details need to be disclosed and any missed calls will be responded to within 8 hours.