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The Ethics Hotline is an exclusive EIANZ members service, established to provide advice to members in challenging or complex ethical situations. The Ethics Hotline is run by professional ethics consultancy, Ethilogical and is secure, anonymous and confidential.

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EIANZ is a professional association for environmental practitioners. We support practitioners throughout their careers, from students and early careers, to experienced and certified practitioners, through to retirement. We harness the expertise of our members to progress environmental practice and advocate to improve sustainability outcomes.

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  • Webinar | Reclaiming the dark - environmentally responsible outdoor lighting

    This webinar will explore designing lighting to deliver better outcomes for the environment, whilst making a more positive contribution to the quality of life of our communities.

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  • Webinar | Stakeholder Engagement

    This webinar will examine some of the more advanced elements of project stakeholder engagement as a vehicle to achieve overall project success.


  • Webinar | Wildlife and drones

    This webinar will share insights on the capabilities of this unique technology, as well as examples of how it has been applied by governments, NGOs, environmental consultants and zoos to track a range of species.


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