South East Queensland

  • 23 June 2021 SEQ

    Webinar | Valuing Nature – Literary and aesthetic origins

    Have you ever paused to reflect on why we value nature? This thought provoking webinar will explore the early literary origins of the nature aesthetic and arboreal iconography– from biblical text and the tree of life to the complex language of trees and the emergence of environmentalism.

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  • 24 June 2021 FNQ

    FNQ | Environment and Planning Law Training

    This event is designed to give participants practical legal insight into how to manage applications under the Planning Act and referrals under the EPBC Act and be able to identify early key risks and put in place management strategies to proactively address identified risks associated with submission of environmental approval applications.

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  • 6 August 2021 SEQ

    Expert Witness Masterclass: expert meetings and reports

    This event is a skills focussed masterclass for environmental practitioners who find themselves giving evidence as experts with a particular focus on the expert joint meeting and reporting process. Participants will learn and hear insights from the judiciary, the bar, solicitors and experienced expert witnesses.

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  • 8 - 10 Nov 2021 VIC

    EIANZ 2021 Annual Conference

    This year’s annual conference will be hosted by the EIANZ Victorian Division and provides an exciting opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and ideas around the theme How good is science!? The double punctuation in this year's theme is deliberate and invites presenters and participants to decide on how they will approach the theme. We look forward to you joining us in what promises to be an exciting and thought-provoking event.

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