South East Queensland



Policy Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Policy Sub-Committee is to engage with and respond to governments on issues affecting environmental outcomes in South East Queensland and to enhance the profile of the EIANZ through this professional engagement.

Volunteers on the Policy Sub-committee may be involved in:

  • Identifying issues of concern and opportunities to provide professional comment on regional initiatives
  • Prioritising issues to be addressed
  • Developing submissions and responses that are consistent with EIANZ’s objectives and policies
  • Establishing, leading or contributing to groups of professionals coordinating a submission on a particular issue
  • Liaising professionally with other sub-committee members and stakeholders such as government departments, community groups and other professional bodies.
  • Participating in the SEQ Division Committee monthly meeting
  • Contributing to the strategic directions for EIANZ, SEQ Division and its members.

If you are interested in participating in the Policy Sub-committee, please contact Scott Hanna - Policy Chairperson.

Professional Development Sub-Committee

The aim of the Professional Development Sub-Committee is to provide members and environmental professionals with opportunities to gain knowledge and up-to-date best practice through professional and personal development.

This Committee:

  • Assists in the development of competent practice programs
  • Identifies the requirements of competency for the various levels of experience within the Institute, from students and graduates through to general and specialised practitioners;
  • Provides guidance on the content required for the various levels of experience and speciality
  • Assists SEQ Division, Standing Committees and Special Interest Sections to deliver the competent practice programs.

If you are interested in participating in the Professional Development Sub-Committee, contact Danielle Bolton, SEQ Secretariat.

Student and Early Career Professionals Network Sub-Committee

The Student and Early Career Professional Network Sub-committee run regular events such as speed mentoring and information nights.

To be included in the mailing list or to join our sub committee, contact Danielle Bolton, SEQ Secretariat.