Advisory Council

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is the primary link between the Board and members through the Australian Divisions, the New Zealand Chapter and Special Interest Sections.

They meet at least twice a year to consider specific requests for advice from the Board, matters of their own discretion and matters within the scope of the purposes of the Institute. The Board consults with the Council on strategic directions, the Corporate Plan, the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and the making, amendment or repeal of by-laws.

The Advisory Council is comprised of the Presidents of the Australian Chapter Divisions and the New Zealand Chapter, and the Chairpersons of each Special Interest Section.

Advisory Council

Chair and WA Division President

Belinda Bastow
Email: ​​​​​​belinda(at)integratesustainability.com.au​

ACT Division President Paul Keighley
Email: paul.keighley(at)gmail.com
FNQ Division President Nicholas Baker MEIANZ
Email: nicholas.baker(at)wildenvironmental.com
NSW Division President Rachel O'Hara MEIANZ CEnvP
Email: rachel.ohara(at)aecom.com
NT Division President Jeff Richardson MEIANZ
Email: jeff.richardson(at)ecoz.com.au
NZ Chapter President Kevin Tearney MEIANZ
Email: kevin.tearney(at)jacobs.com
SA Division President Nathan Zeman MEIANZ
Email: nathan.zeman(at)sa.gov.au
SEQ Division President

Graeme Milligan MEIANZ
Email: graeme.milligan(at)qra.gov.au

TAS Division President

Joanne Cox
Email: joanne.cox(at)parks.tas.gov.au

VIC Division President Martin Juniper MEIANZ CEnvP
Email: martin.juniper(at)hotmail.com
Climate Change SIS Chair

Tor Hundloe FEIANZ
Email: t.hundloe(at)uq.edu.au

Contaminated Land SIS Chair


Ecology SIS Chair

Richard Sharp FEIANZ CEnvP
Email: rsharp(at)ehpartners.com.au

Heritage SIS Chair

Shaun Canning FEIANZ
Email: shaun.canning(at)achm.com.au

Impact Assessment SIS Chair Lachlan Wilkinson FEIANZ CEnvP
Email: lwilkinson(at)jbsg.com.au