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  • Martin Juniper MEIANZ, CEnvP

    Martin Juniper MEIANZ, CEnvP

    Martin Juniper MEIANZ, CEnvP President
    +61 407 412 899 Email

    Martin is an environmental scientist with over 14 years experience in a range of roles and sectors across Australia. Key areas of expertise include managing environmental impact assessments, delivery of environmental approvals, and management of environmental impacts across project lifecycles. He is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) and has been an EIANZ Vic Division Committee Member since November 2009

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  • Lachlan Wilkinson FEIANZ CEnvP

    Lachlan Wilkinson FEIANZ CEnvP

    Lachlan Wilkinson FEIANZ CEnvP Vice President
    0421 603 721 Email

    Lachlan is a highly experienced manager of environmental assessment and approval processes for complex, multi- jurisdictional projects. He has demonstrated success in building and maintaining stakeholder relationships to deliver organisational goals, and is the Chair of the EIANZ Special Interest Section on Impact Assessment. Lachlan brings strong technical skills from thirty years experience in environmental management at the international, national, state and local level to his position at JBS&G, along with extensive experience as a government regulator for both state and federal governments. He is recognised for his commitment to promoting best practice and is an experienced trainer and presenter on environmental management and regulation. He was awarded the 2015 Certified Environmental Practitioner of the Year by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.

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  • Mark Nan Tie MEIANZ, CEnvP

    Mark Nan Tie MEIANZ, CEnvP Secretary
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  • Simon Leverton MEIANZ, CEnvP

    Simon Leverton MEIANZ, CEnvP

    Simon Leverton MEIANZ, CEnvP Treasurer

    Simon is an environmental consultant with almost 30 years’ experience as an environmental scientist. He has worked for both government (EPA Vic, Water Corp WA) and the private sector (GHD, Hyder) and is now Senior Manager with EnviroRisk Management. Simon’s areas of expertise range across environmental auditing, environmental management systems, site contamination assessment and management, environmental training and multi-disciplinary team project management. His specialist discipline areas are in water quality and waste management. He joined EIANZ in 1991 and became a CEnvP in 2007. Simon served on the Victorian committee for a number of years in the late 1980s. In 2011 Simon received the Certified Environmental Practitioner of the Year award for his contribution to professional practice through his work with clients in developing and implementing systems to protect the environment and mitigate the risk of impacts.

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  • Daniel Lim MEIANZ

    Daniel Lim MEIANZ

    Daniel Lim MEIANZ Students and Early Careers Coordinator

    Dan relocated to Melbourne from Auckland via a stint teaching English in Japan. In the early stages of his career Dan challenged himself to become an ecological consultant, learning Australian flora and fauna. Currently, as an Environmental Scientist he is involved a variety of environmental projects across Australia. Dan is extremely passionate about driving student and early careers initiatives both in Victoria and nationally, and is looking to improve EIANZ's offerings in this space. Keep an eye out for the latest event near you!

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  • Andrew Tytherleigh MEIANZ

    Andrew Tytherleigh MEIANZ Committee Member
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  • Arvind Sharma MEIANZ

    Arvind Sharma MEIANZ

    Arvind Sharma MEIANZ Committee Member

    Arvind is sustainability strategist with 25 years of international experience in driving sustainable outcomes in diverse sectors. He has advised clients in developing sustainability and climate change strategies with a specific focus on reducing business costs and risks, and improving sustainability performance. Arvind’s expertise includes carbon accounting and assurance of greenhouse and sustainability reports. He has been providing greenhouse and energy advisory support to Energy and Resource sector companies in Australia and India. He has been supporting The Global Reporting Initiative with the development of technical protocols for greenhouse gas and energy disclosures. Arvind has been a part of various national and global task force committees on sustainable development

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  • Karina Pierotti MEIANZ

    Karina Pierotti MEIANZ

    Karina Pierotti MEIANZ Committee Member

    Karina is an Environmental Scientist with 10 years’ experience in aquatic ecology and environmental management in technical and project management capacities. She has worked in both public and private sectors, obtaining a diverse range of skills in natural resource management, planning and environmental approvals, and stakeholder and community engagement. She is experienced in ecological assessments, strategic planning, land use assessments and landscape and visual impact assessments. Karina enjoys combining her knowledge of natural resource management with stakeholder engagement to provide a holistic approach to environmental management in the natural resources industry.

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  • Jill Bunnell

    Jill Bunnell

    Jill Bunnell Committee Member
    0411 456 374 Email

    Jill’s area of expertise is urban environmental innovation and sustainability outcomes. She has a Master of Urban Environmental Management, a Bachelor of Built Environment (Interior Design) and Green Star accreditation, with demonstrable experience in community engagement, strategy development, research and project management across the building, university and local government sectors. Jill became a committee member of the EIANZ, Victorian Division in 2017-18 and also sits on the Yarra City Environment Advisory Committee.

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  • Steve Mason MEIANZ

    Steve Mason MEIANZ

    Steve Mason MEIANZ Committee Member

    Steve is an Associate Environmental Engineer with Beca. Steve Mason has over nine years’ experience in the environmental and engineering industries, in Australia, New Zealand, Tuvalu and Vietnam. Steve’s areas of interest  includes project management of complex engineering and environmental projects, environmental assessments, coastal and marine environments, and climate change adaptation.

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  • Hashwina Vimalarajan

    Hashwina Vimalarajan

    Hashwina Vimalarajan Student Engagement Officer for Deakin University

    A second-year environmental sciences student, Hashwina is the student engagement officer for Deakin University.  She is very passionate about climate change and sustainability and hopes to one day pursue a career in those fields.

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  • Dannielle Graham

    Dannielle Graham

    Dannielle Graham Student Engagement Officer for Deakin University

    Dannielle is an Environmental Scientist. Her motivation for constant improvement comes from seeing first-hand the debilitating destruction of Borneo’s tropical rainforests. While working as a Guest Researcher at the University of Copenhagen, to mitigate deforestation and empower indigenous communities, her focus was driven towards development projects that are socially and environmentally ethical. Dannielle looks forward to a long career of collaborating with the world’s best organisations in all aspects of sustainability. Dannielle is the Victorian Division's Mentoring Program Coordinator, Student Engagement Officer for Deakin University and on the EIANZ Steps Steering Committee.

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  • Kimberly Pellosis

    Kimberly Pellosis

    Kimberly Pellosis Student Engagement Officer for Melbourne University

    Kimi is a final year student studying the Master of Agricultural Sciences. She is very interested in the interplay between Environmental Science and Agriculture, and hopes to develop innovation, sustainable practices and efficient production and management.

    Kimi has conducted work experience for an ecological consultancy as an Ecologist, and for a contaminated land and water consultancy as an Environmental Technician. She is currently a student intern for local government, working in Sustainability Planning, Land Management & Biodiversity, Urban Agriculture and Agribusiness.

    Kimi has been a volunteer for Parks Victoria and The Earthwatch Institute. She is the current President of the Graduate Agriculture and Food Science society at The University of Melbourne, and softball Team Manager for The Australian University Games.

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  • Meg Turner

    Meg Turner

    Meg Turner Mentoring Coordinator, Students & Early Careers Sub-Committee

    Meg is an environmental science student at RMIT university. She is passionate about pollution control and remediation, environmental impact assessment, and improving the quality of life in communities through environmental management. Her roles in EIANZ include Mentoring Program Coordinator for the Victorian Division and Student Engagement Officer for RMIT.

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  • Leo McComb

    Leo McComb

    Leo McComb Student Engagement Officer for Melbourne University

    Leo is a studying a Masters of Science (BioSciences) at the University of Melbourne, with a focus on applying quantitative approaches to understand ecological systems and inform better environmental decision-making. He has a particular interest in environmental management and learning about the complexities of conserving biodiversity in a changing world with increasing social and political pressures.

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The Victorian Division offers seminars, events and workshops involving scientists, policy makers and practitioners. Several social events are held each year which provide a great opportunity for networking.

The Victorian Division is active in making submissions to government. Copies of policy submissions are available under 'Resources'. 

The Victorian Division Committee is comprised of elected Committee members and friends of the Institute who contribute to the Committee's goals and services for members. If you are interested in being involved in the Committee please contact one of the committee members - enthusiastic newcomers are always welcome.

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