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Policy Submissions

Policy Submissions

The Institute prepares and submits responses to government policies on environmental issues on behalf of its members. Submissions are prepared at both the Division / Chapter / Special Interest Section level, as well as at the organisational / Board level.

Policy Submission
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Apr 2024 EIANZ Submission - Australia's new Nature Positive laws EIANZ
Apr 2024 EIANZ NZ Submission - Fast-track Approvals Bill NZ Chapter
Apr 2024 EIANZ Submission – National Adaptation Plan Issues Paper Climate Change SIS
Mar 2024 EIANZ Submission – Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards – Disclosure of Climate related Financial Information, October 2023 Climate Change SIS
Mar 2024 EIANZ SA Submission - Biodiversity Act Discussion Paper SA Division
Jan 2024 EIANZ Submission - Draft Renewable Energy Guidelines NSW Division
Dec 2023 EIANZ Feedback on second consultation on Australia's new national environment laws EIANZ
Nov 2023

EIANZ Submission - Inquiry into Climate Change Amendment (Duty of Care and Intergenerational Climate Equity) Bill 2023

Climate Change SIS
Nov 2023 EIANZ Feedback on initial consultation on Australia’s new national environment laws EIANZ
Oct 2023 EIANZ Submission - Senate Inquiry into the Middle Arm Industrial Precinct EIANZ
Sep 2023 Environmental Mining Reform Program – EP Act amendments NT Division
Sep 2023 Australian Universities Accord Interim Report Submission EIANZ
Aug 2023 EIANZ Offset Submission WA Division
Aug 2023 EIANZ WA Submission on GHG Environmental Factor Guideline V2 WA Division
Aug 2023 EIANZ WA Submission - Industry Environmental Regulation Reform WA Division
Aug 2023 EIANZ WA Submission to DBCA on Draft 2024-2033 Forest Management Plan WA Division
Aug 2023 EIANZ WA Submission DMIRS MDCP discussion paper WA Division
Aug 2023 EIANZ WA Submission Scheme amendments WA Division
Mar 2023 Submission of DMIRS POW and eligible mining activity framework guidence WA Division
Aug 2023 Submission of Petroleum legislation amendment Bill (No 2) 2022 WA Division
Jun 2023 Submission on Australian Government's Inquiry into Greenwashing Policy and Standards Committee
Apr 2023 Draft principles to guide recognition of OECMs in Australia Ecology SIS
Apr 2023 Review of NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act Ecology SIS
Mar 2023 Waste Reduction and Recycling and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 SEQ Division
Feb 2023 Nature Repair Market Bill - Exposure Draft Policy and Standards Committee
Feb 2023 Natural and Built Environment Act - Draft NZ Chapter
Feb 2023 Treasury's climate-related financial disclosure discussion paper Climate Change SIS
Nov 2022 Draft Territory Biodiversity Offsets Policy and Technical Guidelines NT Division
Oct 2022 Environmental Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 SEQ Division
Sep 2022 Safeguard Mechanism reform: consultation paper Climate Change SIS
Sep 2022 Integrity of the NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme | supplementary submission Ecology SIS
Sep 2022 EIANZ’S call to the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Climate Change SIS
Jul 2022 Exposure draft of amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2020 NZ Chapter
Jul 2022 Exposure Draft National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity 2022 NZ Chapter
Jun 2022 Victoria's emissions reduction target for 2035 - Independent Panel Climate Change SIS
Apr 2022 Australian Accounting Standards Board Exposure Draft 321 Environmental Accounting SIS
Mar 2022 Biodiversity Conservation Fund Charge System Ecology SIS
Sep 2021 Inquiry into the Integrity of the NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Ecology SIS
Jul 2021 Species Listing Eligibility and Conservation Actions for the Koala EIANZ
Jan 2021 Climate Change Commission Draft Report NZ Chapter
Dec 2020 Proposed Legislative Framework for Waste-derived Materials WA Division
Oct 2020 Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill WA Division
Aug 2020 A Stronger Tomorrow: State Infrastructure Strategy Discussion Paper WA Division
Jul 2020 Review of the Waste Levy WA Division
Jul 2020 Closing the Loop: Waste Reforms for a Circular Economy WA Division
Jul 2020 COVID-19 Recovery: An Opportunity to Invest in an Environmentally Sustainable Future WA Division
Apr 2020 Submission to the EPBC Act Review EIANZ

Mar 2020

Submission on Proposed NPS Indigenous Biodiversity 2019 NZ Chapter
Feb 2020 Submission on Native Vegetation in Western Australia Issues Paper WA Division
Jan 2020 Submission on Proposed Amendments to the Environmental Protection Act 1986 WA Division
Jan 2020 Draft Guideline: Air Emissions WA Division
Nov 2019 EIANZ WA Climate Change issue paper submission WA Division
Nov 2019 Draft North Queensland Regional Plan SEQ Division
Jun 2019 EIANZ WA DWER Fitzroy River Water Allocation Plan Memorandum WA Division
Oct 2018 NC Breeding places submission SEQ Division
Sep 2018 Water Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 NT Division
Sep 2018 Environment Protection Authority Amendment Bill 2018 NT Division
27-July-2018 DWER Guide to licensing submission WA Division
14-June-2018 Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 consultation paper submission

WA Division

4-Feb-2018 Amendments proposed following the decision on Eclipse Resources Pty Ltd v The State of Western Australia [No.4] (2016) WASC 6 WA Division
18-Jan-2018 Draft Social Impact Assessment Guideline SEQ & FNQ Divisions
15-Dec-2017 Review of the EPA's guidelines and procedures framework WA Division
15-Nov-2017 WA Waste Reform Project: proposed approaches to regulatory reform WA Division
23-Oct-2017 Western Australian Container Deposit Scheme WA Division
22-Sep-2017 EPA environmental consideration and technical guidance used in EIA in Western Australia WA Division
16-Aug-2017 Submission on current and future impacts of climate change on housing, buildings and infrastructure inquiry EIANZ
11-Aug-2017 Submission on Draft Threatened Species Strategy NZ Chapter
25-Jun-2017 Submission to the Environmental Regulatory Reform Discussion Paper NT Division
21-Jun-2017 Submission on the NSW biodiversity and land management reforms: Draft regulations and products on exhibition NSW Division
02-Jun-2017 Submission on the proposed Citywide Amendment – Biodiversity of the Brisbane CityPlan 2014 SEQ Division
05-May-2017 Submission on review of Australia's climate change policies EIANZ
05-May-2017 Submission on Clean water consultation 2017 NZ Chapter
27-Nov-2016 Response to Impact Assessment Improvement Project Discussion Paper NSW Division

Submission on Parliamentary inquiry into flying-foxes
All submissions can be found on the Federal Government website

SEQ Division
18-Oct-2016 Submission on Draft Revised Flora Survey Guidelines SEQ Division
05-Oct-2016 Comment on draft advice - Response to Dr Hawke's review NT Division
14-Oct-2016 Submission on contaminants to soil NES NZ Chapter
Sep-2016 Submission on conservation and environment science roadmap NZ Chapter
29-Jul-2016 Reviewing the Framework for the Management of Protected Wildlife (animals) in Queensland SEQ Division
Jul-2016 Submission on Labour's draft environment policy NZ Chapter
28-Jun-2016 Submission on proposed NSW biodiversity reforms NSW Division
1-Jun-2016 Proposed withdrawal of EPA Position Statement 3 and Guidance Statement 6 WA Division
13-May-2016 Protecting Victoria's Environment - Biodiversity 2036 submission VIC Division
13-May-2016 Submission to the Draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million WA Division
28-Apr-2016 Review of the native vegetation clearing regulations - consultation paper submission VIC Division
28-Apr-2016 Submission re the Vegetation Management (reinstatement) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 SEQ Division
22-Apr-2016 Submission on Next Steps for Freshwater NZ Chapter
4-Apr-2016 Comment on the Northern Territory Government's Draft Petroleum (Environment) Regulations NT Division
28-Mar-2016 Response to the Northern Territory Government's Discussion Draft of the Balanced Environment Strategy NT Division
19-Feb-2016 Response to Northern Territory EPA's Howard Springs Sandplain Site of Conservation Significance report NT Division
29-Jan-2016 Submission on the independent review of the 'water trigger' IA SIS
18-Jan-2016 Submission to the Parliamentary Committee On Draft Planning Bill 2015 SEQ Division
19-Nov-2015 Submission on Environment Canterbury (Transitional Governance Arrangements) Bill NZ Chapter
21-Oct-2015 Submission on the Queensland Government Draft Planning Bill SEQ Division
05-Oct-2015 Outcomes based conditions policy IA SIS

Submission on the Environment Protection Authority (Protection of Environment) Amendment Bill

Letter of transmittal to Local Government and Environment Committee

NZ Chapter

Submission on proposed repeal of section 487 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Letter of transmittal to Senator Ann Ruston

07-Sept-2015 Comments on the Waste ERA Framework and Regulated Waste Review SEQ Division
10-Aug-2015 Submission on the Proposed National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry NZ Chapter
02-Aug-2015 Review of the Climate Change Act 2010 VIC Division
30-Jul-2015 Submission on the Enforceable Undertakings under the Environment Protection Act 1994 Guideline SEQ Division
30-Jan-2015 Priority Port Development Area (PPDA) Planning Guidelines SEQ Division
02-Dec-2014 Code of Practice and Flora Survey SEQ Division
15-Nov-2014 Victorian State Election position statement VIC Division
03-Nov-2014 Draft Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan
> Covering Letter
> Detailed comments
22-Sep-2014 Draft Planning and Development Bill 2014 SEQ Division
24-Jul-2014 Draft Waste Avoidance and Resource Productivity Strategy for Queensland (2014–2024) SEQ Division
08-May-2014 OEH draft Biodiversity Offsets Policy for Major Projects NSW Division
24-Mar-2014 Proposed Offsets Bill and Related Policy SEQ Division
17-Feb-2014 Standardised Outcome-focused Conditions for Resource Projects - Second Consultation Draft SEQ Division
31-Jan-2014 Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Strategic Assessment EIANZ
06-Dec-2013 Powering Queensland's Future - 30-year electricity strategy discussion paper SEQ Divison
05-Dec-2013 Draft Queensland Assessment Bilateral Agreement 2013 SEQ Division
30-Aug-2013 The Queensland Plan FNQ and SEQ divisions
22-Feb-2013 Review of the Protected Plants Legislative Framework under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 - Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement SEQ Division
30-Oct-2012 Native Vegetation Review VIC Division
14-Sep-2012 Green Paper on a New Planning System for NSW NSW Division
12-Jul-2012 Triggers for Environmental Impact Statements - Draft Guideline SEQ Division
25-Apr-2012 Victorian Waste Policy Review VIC Division
02-Apr-2012 Victorian Government's recent carbon management decisions VIC Division
28-Nov-2011 Review of the Climate Change Act 2010 VIC Division
26-Jul-2011 Strategic Land Cropping SEQ Division
30-Jun-2011 Draft Melbourne Transport Strategy VIC Division
15-Apr-2011 Building Nature's Resilience: A draft biodiversity strategy for Queensland SEQ Division
08-Mar-2011 Review of Local Government Statutes SEQ Division
18-Feb-2011 Review of State Planning Policy: Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Flood, Bushfire And Landslide SEQ Division
21-Jun-2010 Biodiversity Strategy VIC Division
12-Mar-2010 Strategic Land Cropping SEQ Division

Inquiry into Environmental Effects Statement Process
> Response

VIC Division
09-Oct-2009 SEQ Climate Change Management Plan SEQ Division
01-Sept-2008 Draft Rural Futures Strategy SEQ Division
01-Jun-2007 Climate Change and Energy Task Force Final Report SEQ Division
15-Oct-2006 Dynamic Planning for a Growing State - Discussion Paper SEQ Division
28-Feb-2005 Regional Outdoor Recreational Strategy SEQ Division