Steve Wilke FEIANZ

Steve Wilke FEIANZ

Steve has been an environmental professional for since graduating from Murdoch University as a mature-age student in 1986. He has been a Member of the Institute since 1989 and a Fellow since 2009.

Since 1989 until his retirement from full-time work in 2010, he held the position of Senior Environmental Scientist with the Water Corporation (Western Australia). He has a well-rounded generalist environmental and civil engineering background, which is supported by academic qualifications, practical application and a pragmatic outlook.

Steve has been involved with many projects throughout Western Australia including water and wastewater treatment plants, bore-fields, dams, pipelines, the Corporation’s Environmental Management System and delivering environmental awareness training to staff. Steve has also been committed to mentoring and has mentored more that 20 Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering graduates during his career. He has conducted more than 80 environmental audits since 1997 including Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001), environmental compliance, and audits of environmental management plans.

Since joining the WA Committee of the EIANZ in 1999, he has held the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, Councillor, Webmaster and Certification Coordinator. He smiles when he is reminded that he was replaced by 5 people when he retired from the WA Committee at the 2009 AGM.

In recognition of his service to both the EIANZ and the environmental profession in Western Australia, Steve was awarded the 2009 Mary-Lou Morris Award in Canberra and also made a Fellow.