WA | Workshop | Review of the WA EPA Background Paper on Greenhouse Gas Assessment Guidance

A review and revision of the air quality / greenhouse gas guidelines is welcomed bby the EIANZ as it is a postive step in ensuring that greenhouse gs emissions are treated as a unique factor (distinguised from air quality) and have its own assessment guidelines underpinned by and reviewed against rigorous and up-to-date science, efficient and effective in reducing emissions and minimising risk of contribution to climate change.

The initial release of GGAG on 7 March 2019 was met with diverse public reaction, with concerns including the lack of public consultation phase. On 14 March 2019, the EPA withdrew the GGAG and committed to further consultation. EIANZ is supportive of the consultative approach that is being undertaken by the EPA including surveying stakeholders and the whole community on their views. The EIANZ is the peak professional body for environmental practitioners in Australasia, and has a diverse membership that includes Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvP's), ecological consultants, environmental advocates and environmental impact specialists and is well placed to provide targeted input and advice to improve the GGAG.

The EIANZ will be seeking input from members on views or information to improve the GGAG, currently under review for submission to the EPA.

  • The information that should be required by the EPA for Environmental Impact Assessment
  • How emissions associated with a proposal should be considered by the EPA
  • The constraints on potential emissions mitigation conditions the EPA should recognise
  • Any other advice related to the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions by the EPA that would further clarify or improve the guidelines

The contents of the EIANZ submission will be based on the following sources:

  • Outcomes from a structured workshop with state and nationally recognised environmental practitioners
  • Outcomes from a survey of members, specifically for the purpose of this review

We urge all members to provide feedback into this important review and look forward to continued support of the EPA into other reviews regarding environmental legislation.

Event details

When: 24 July

Where: TBA | Perth

Cost: Free

Contact: Event Details: Belinda Bastow 0418 950 678 Registration enquiries: EIANZ Central office on 03 8593 4140 or email: office@

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