Valuing your EIANZ membership

Published 5 July 2016 by Michael Chilcott FEIANZ CEnvP, President

As the new financial year begins, many EIANZ members (although not all) will have recently received their membership renewal notices for the year ahead. I’ve just received mine, and like other members I inevitably reflect on the value that EIANZ provides as an environmental practitioner. I’ve also been pondering how we can deliver more. 
Membership of EIANZ marks you out as a practitioner committed to building the environmental profession, and supporting the efforts of EIANZ to achieve that end. Better representation of the profession, and lifting the standing of EIANZ membership, has been one of our principal goals for 2016 and beyond.
In the first half of this year, we have engaged with politicians at all levels of government on behalf of EIANZ members to lift their awareness of the profession and outline the values of EIANZ.  As part of this, our NZ Chapter colleagues have been working in national reform processes in the resource management sector.
My priority has been to engage with key players in the Australian Federal sphere, where we have meet with the environment portfolio leaders in all major parties. We proposed greater recognition of environmental practitioners within the statutory and regulatory structures governing environmental matters nationally. Most recently, we submitted to the Coalition, Labor and Greens EIANZ’s priorities for the Australian Federal election held on July 2. We will continue to press those priorities with whichever and whatever form the next Government takes. The closeness of the election result may encourage the incoming Government to be even more open to our messages!
Our State-based Divisions have also been engaging with politicians and officials to ensure they are aware of the commitment of EIANZ members to the profession, undertaking their work in line with EIANZ’s code of ethics and professional conduct, and emphasising the values that EIANZ members provide to the Government and the community.
All of this work carries weight because of our strong membership – your membership.
Beyond representation, EIANZ has continued to deliver quality events and professional development activities for members. Through your attendance at those events, members always receive excellent value.  You can view upcoming events on the EIANZ website.
A highlight to come this year will be our 2016 Annual Conference being held in Brisbane on 3-4 November. Our colleagues in the South-East Queensland Division have secured an exceptional program of keynote speakers to complement the technical papers sessions where members can show case their work. I encourage all members to join us in Brisbane for this fantastic professional development and networking event, where your membership will deliver outstanding value, and value for money. For the best value, register before 21 August to receive the early bird rate. Find out more and register here → 
Our communications tools link members to information that can be used in their jobs and their careers. Your quarterly edition of The Environmental Practitioner is a key link to EIANZ. Thanks for reading it. However, it’s also a vehicle to reach out to the EIANZ membership and share insights from your work or your network. Don’t hesitate to share material you think other members would value through editor Kelly Matthews.
Finally, I view the opportunity to participate in the work of the Institute as one of the highest opportunities for members. Through involvement in the work of your local committees you will not only build your professional networks but also have the opportunity to shape the work of EIANZ to your needs, delivering activities that you and your colleagues want. The more you’re involved, the more you’ll get back.
Your views would be welcome. Please share them with our Central Office Manager, Nicole Brown via nicole@eianz.org.
Thanks again for your membership and support of EIANZ. I’ll look forward to seeing you in Brisbane in November.