Update from the Board's April meeting

Published 28 April 2017 by Paul Keighley MEIANZ CEnvP, Board Secretary

The EIANZ Board met yesterday, with a packed agenda. The key outcomes were:

  • Broad support for the recommendations of the EIANZ Steps review, while noting that several aspects were subject to further consideration.
  • Consideration of draft strategies for increasing membership numbers and services, and social media engagement.
  • Progress on the pilot of the Qualifications Accreditation Scheme.
  • Progress on proposed amendments to the EIANZ Rules of Association, which will be presented for members’ consideration at the Annual General Meeting in October.
  • Consideration of the quarterly financial statements and noting positive financial management across the Institute.
  • Progress on the 2017 Annual Conference in Wellington, New Zealand and early preparations for the 2018 Annual Conference.
  • Finalisation of matters associated with the New Initiatives Fund that were referred to the Students and Early Careers Committee.
  • Consideration of reports from the Policy and Practice Committee, Finance Committee, Students and Early Careers Committee and Special Interest Sections.

Throughout the meeting, the Board thanked many staff and members for their efforts over recent months including: the EIANZ Steps Review committee, chaired by Janice Van Reyk, and including Lachie Wilkinson, Simon Beale, Sophie Cowie and Paul Keighley; Jon Womersley, for his work on the Qualifications Accreditation Scheme and the draft amendments to the Rules of Association; Di Buchan and the 2017 Annual Conference Committee; and Nicole Brown, Claire Harvey and other Central Office staff for their work on several projects.

Minutes from past Board meetings are available to EIANZ members here >