Tips for those thinking of applying for CEnvP

Published 27 April 2016 by Steph Brown, CEnvP Coordinator NZ

The CEnvP website provides some useful application tips and advice – these are the things that will help with the processing of your application.

One of the bits of advice is to take the requirement for continuing professional development seriously. This is probably one of the areas where the more information you can provide as part of your application the better. The CEnvP website says it is worthwhile to submit a CPD log for the past year.

I’d go a step further to say submit the log, along with an outline of your proposed CPD activities for the forthcoming 12 months. If you don’t submit it as part of your application, you are likely to be asked to bring it along to your interview.

Another important tip is to submit a complete application.  Missing information slows down the processing of your application and in the worst case; you will be deferred to the following round of interviews. 

If your workplace would like to learn more about the application process or the scheme, please get in touch.  There are a number of CEnvPs around the country who are more than happy to come and talk to you about the benefits of certification and the process of applying. 

We encourage suitably qualified practitioners to participate in this important initiative for the environment profession.  

CEnvP contact details

Website www.cenvp.org
Email info@cenvp.org
Phone (Aus) 03 9001 6948
Phone (NZ) 03 741 3102