The press box - April

Published 27 April 2016

In case you missed it, here are some snippets of environmental news from the last month.


Irrigators are Canterbury's biggest rule-breakers

Hawke's Bay Regional Council approves $35 million dam water use scheme 

Submissions split on Blueskin windfarm consent application

QLDP review hearings begin

Regional landfill joint plan – [Nelson CC and Tasman DC] 

Government will defend legal challenge to Kermadec sanctuary proposal

RMA changes may restrict DoC

Commissioner Dr Jan Wright says proposed RMA changes too broad

RMA reviews a "potential policy train wreck"

Home truths: Arguing the case for urban sprawl

Can commissioners to run as councillors?


Penguin swims 8000km for pensioner

Rare blue whale footage captured in NZ

Fresh approach helps fresh water fish

NZ southern right whale population crashed from around to 30,000 to ust 110

Photos: Underwater through a lens

Why ugly parasites also need saving

DoC prepares for rodent "plague" following beech mast year

Okiwi Bay residents oppose fish research facility

Napier port dredging plans

Australia frogs 'could be wiped out by killer fungus'

India may relocate tigers to Cambodia to grow global population

Plans to get rid of rats, stoats and possums in Picton within a year

Just 7% of Australia's Great Barrier Reef escapes bleaching


Whanganui may continue pumping sewage out to sea

Christchurch's streams are dying city-wide

Christchurch's vanishing streams worry residents

Low rainfall and wilding pines caused Twizel's Lake Wardell to disappear

Bureaucracy, not weather, behind the case of disappearing Lake Wardell

Waikato River catchment gets low water quality rating

Tourism and EDS call for five-year ban on irrigation funding

Hutt flood scheme bill to cost millions more

South Dunedin flood risk

Regenerate Christchurch to consider red zone water course

Anne Salmond: Water is too valuable to squander

Consent Hearings/Developments

SkyPath opponents reach deadline

First look at Auckland's transport plan

Environment Canterbury boosts inner city workforce in new $51 million building

Climate Change

Climate scientists' global warning

Sixty world leaders to attend UN climate signing in New York on April 22

More moose on the loose in a warmer Alaska

Climate change: Why you should worry

Climate change 'biggest threat to health' - so what is the Government doing?

Earth's temperature just shattered the thermometer

Climate pioneer warns sea level could rise 9m

Leonardo Dicaprio delivers rousing speech as leaders sign historic climate deal

Polar bears forced to swim for days for food

No rush to sign on the dotted line of climate accord

Air quality 

'Dodgy diesel' threatens EU green fuel market

Te Mata Mushroom Company fined for odour

VW reaches US deal in emissions scandal

Mitsubishi Motors office raided over fuel economy tests

Peugeot raided by French emissions investigators

UK’s greenhouse gas emissions fall


Rena clean up declared over


Volcano hiding explosive secret

Marlborough District Council's state of the environment report issued

Apple: iPhones last just three years