The latest from the Ecology Special Interest Section

Published 11 Aug 2016 by Dave Fleming MEIANZ CEnvP, Ecology SIS Chair

The Ecology Special Interest Section (SIS) provides a focus on the ecology profession, drawing on the strengths of EIANZ members and Certified Environmental Practitioners. The Ecology SIS encourages active dialogue and participation in robust discussions around current and emerging trends, issues and challenges in ecology.  

This year, SIS has delivered or will deliver the following seminars and programs:

  • An evening seminar in June titled 'Nature Conservation Act Wish List', held jointly with the SEQ Division
  • A full day forum and half day site tour in September titled “National Flying-fox Forum”, held jointly with the SEQ Division
  • Concurrent sessions in the upcoming EIANZ Annual Conference, to be held in Brisbane in November
  • A workshop with the aim of developing Ecological Impact Assessment Guidelines for Australia.

The Ecology SIS is also representing the broader EIANZ on the Wildlife Advisory Committee that was formed by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to assist with the review of protected animal regulation under the Nature Conservation Act 1992

Through collaboration with the Divisions, SIS members are actively involved in responding to regulatory policy at the State and Federal levels and have provided submissions for:

  • Submission on the Review of Protected Animal Regulation under the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992
  • Submission on the Draft Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2036
  • Submission on the Queensland Vegetation Management (Reinstatement) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016.

If you would like to know more about the SIS and our upcoming events and activities, please contact Dave Fleming, Ecology SIS Chair, on dfleming@ehpartners.com.au or mobile: 0407 512 176.

To be part of the Ecology SIS, or one of EIANZ's other SISs, update your membership details by logging into our website and visiting the Member Centre. Select 'My memberships' from the right hand navigation menu and then select the 'Update' tab.