Support an up-and-coming environment professional

Published 12 May 2016 by Ian Thomas, RMIT University

Support an up-and-coming environment professional by providing an RMIT student with a work placement in your organisation.

An environment work placement is a critical component for final year students in RMIT University’s Bachelors of Environment and Society, and Environmental Science/ Environment and Society.

These programs are designed to enable graduates to play a productive and creative role to bring about sustainability improvements. The programs place emphasis on the interactions between environment and society, and on using social processes to bring about change. The additional year of the double degree (ES/E&S) enables a stronger science background with studies in a science core (including chemistry, biology, and mathematics).

For the student, a work placement must offer them experience in a project or work tasks that are broadly related to their studies. Students are expected to commit to the terms of the employment contract in relation to the length and requirements of the placement.

Placements run for 20 days, typically starting around late July; but can be earlier. Days worked can be negotiated with students, as can be out-of-semester placements and five day weeks. 

While not mandated, organisations are encouraged to provide appropriate remuneration to students. Some agencies have limited funds and if professional remuneration is not possible, an appropriate honorarium would be negotiated.

If you would like to help or would like more information send a message to eandpworkplacements@rmit.edu.au or contact Alexis Hall on  9925 2273 by 12 August 2016.