Recent environmental management ISO standards

Published 1 September 2014

By Stan Rodgers, MEIANZ

ISO TC207 Environmental Management 

TC207/SC1 has issued ISO CD 14004 Environmental management system — General guidelines on principles systems and support techniques for comment and these will be discussed at the next meeting of WG6 in South Africa in early October 2014.

TC207/SC1 has issued ISO Draft International Standard (DIS) 14001 Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use with comments closing in November 2014. Standards Australia Committee QR11 will meet in Sydney on the 12-13 November to prepare national comments.

TC207/SC4 has issued ISO CD 14034 Environmental management-- Environmental technology verification (ETV). The standard specifies principles and requirements, and provides guidance for those managing and conducting verification activities. Comment will be considered at the next meeting of SC4 in South Korea in October 2014.

TC207/SC5 has published a new standard entitled ISO 14046 Environmental management – Water footprint – Principles, requirements and guidelines that are intended to provide decision makers in industry, government and non-governmental organizations with a means to estimate the potential impact of water use and pollution, based on a lifecycle

TC207/SC5 has recommended for publication ISO TS 14072 Life cycle assessment -- Requirements and guidelines for Organizational Life Cycle Assessment and ISO 14071 Life cycle assessment -- Critical review processes and reviewer competencies -- Additional requirements and guidelines to ISO 14044:2006, was published in May 2014.

TC207/WG9 has issued for ISO CD 14055-1Guidelines for establishing good practice for combating land degradation and desertification - Part 1 Good practice for comment which will be considered at the next meeting of WG9 in Mexico in October 2014. 

ISO TC248 Sustainability criteria for bioenergy

TC248 will issue ISO DIS 13065 – Sustainability criteria for bioenergy for a three month comment period in August 2014. The Standard defines principles, criteria and indicators (PCIs) for the assessment of sustainability. It covers all facets of sustainability relevant to bioenergy, including environmental, social and economic aspects.

ISO TC268 Sustainable Communities

ISO TC268 has now produced three standards relating to SMART infrastructure and metrics and has issued ISO Committee Draft (CD) 37101 Sustainable development and resilience of communities — Management system — General principles and requirements the comments on which will be considered at its next meeting in France in mid-September 2014.

ISO PC283 Occupational health and safety management systems

ISO PC283 has issued for comment ISO CD 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidelines for use. This standard is intended to replace OHSAS 18001 and subject to Standards Australia Committee SF1’s recommendation may replace AS4801. The standard is a “sister” standard to ISO 14001 dealing with occupational health and safety. Comments are due to be considered at the next meeting of PC 283 in Africa in early December 2014.

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Copies of standards and drafts maybe purchased from Standards Australia on 02 9237 6000 or online at www.standards.org.au