Update | Proposed changes to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Published 18 December 2020

At the Institute's Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 10 November, the Board put forward a Special Resolution seeking member endorsement for proposed changes to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to recognise Indigenous values and practices. While there was strong support for the proposed wording changes, the clear message was that further consultation was required to pass the resolution.

The Board has invited feedback from EIANZ members and CEnvPs since November and a good response has been received so far. There have been requests for additional time to prepare submissions and a keen interest in discussing the submissions and how the comments raised have been addressed. In light of this, the Board have made the following decisions:

  • Submissions will be accepted until Friday 15 January 2021. Details on how to make a submission can be found in the EIANZ President’s message (released November 2020).
  • The Indigenous Engagement Working Group will review the submissions and address comments made in the third week of January for consideration by the Board at their meeting on Monday 1 February. Comments received and how they have been addressed will be released to members shortly after that.
  • In the third week in February, a series of facilitated workshops will be run for members and CEnvPs to discuss the comments and how they have been addressed. Five online workshops are proposed for the following areas:
    • New Zealand
    • Queensland (SEQ & FNQ)
    • New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
    • Victoria and Tasmania
    • Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory

There will also be an opportunity to comment in writing for those unable to attend. Based on the outcomes of the workshops and other responses, a revised proposal for Preamble/Code changes will be put to a Special General Meeting planned for April.

It is encouraging to see the interest and involvement of members during this consultation process.


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