Opportunity at JBS&G for an Occupational/Industrial Hygienist

Published 2 February 2017 by JBS&G

JBS&G are looking to hire on a permanent full time basis an experienced Occupational/Industrial Hygienist who has demonstrated experience working in a ground works and construction environment.

The specific project role they are looking to fill will provide the successful applicant with a full time project based role at an inner Sydney project site working with a Tier 1 construction/development team and quality contractors to assist with delivery of a safe work environment and compliance with all project approval requirements. As such, the applicant can look forward to certainty with regard to project work hours and location whilst enjoying the mix of site activities and site office based reporting activities each day. There is a site office available, with no daily travel back to the main office, or laboratory and no on-site fibre counting requirements.

The person JBS&G are looking for has:

  • A background as a consultant or for a remediation contractor and is used to working in a multi-disciplinary project team.
  • Relevant qualifications and occupational experience in engineering, science and/or occupational health.
  • A Class A Asbestos Assessors License issued by WorkSafe NSW (or equivalent from another Australian State).
  • The ability to prepare asbestos/contamination management plans, site environmental management/monitoring plans, asbestos risk assessment advice, occupational monitoring advice and clearance/validation certificates.
  • The ability to provide Contamination Awareness and Health Risk (asbestos) training/ induction presentations to client and their contractor’s personnel.
  • A working understanding of WHS legislation and associated regulations and their implementation.
  • A positive problem solving and team player attitude who is able to communicate verbally and in writing with a range of workers of different skill backgrounds, client representatives, site safety committees and union representatives.
  • Competencies in field/occupational exposure monitoring activities including airborne asbestos; vapour/ground gas assessments (VOCs, sVOCs/PAHs, methane, etc); and airborne dust (particulates via status and hand held meters, lead, etc).
  • Asbestos clearance/validation assessment skills for buildings and in-ground excavation works.
  • Basic competencies relating to soil and groundwater sampling to support JBS&G project team members if/when required in unexpected find protocol implementation, characterisation and validation sampling activities.

Applications close 14 February 2017.

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