News from the editor of the journal

Published 30 July 2015 by Helen Ross FEIANZ, AJEM Editor

Rise in impact

The Australasian Journal of Environmental Management (AJEM) has just received some good news. There has been a major rise in the index that measures a journal’s ‘impact’, i.e. its influence on the accumulation of knowledge. This is a prestigious international system.

AJEM’s impact factor has just risen from 0.56 to 0.917. Indeed AJEM is doing very well to be listed in this prestigious system and this is our fourth year of earning a figure.

Shortlist for Eric Anderson Award announced

The shortlist for the Eric Anderson Award has been announced. This award honours the best article in the Australasian Journal of Environmental Management over the past year and is judged by the Editors of the Journal. The top four, in order of publication date, are:

  • R. Beeden, J. Maynard, J. Johnson, J. Dryden, S. Kininmonth & P. Marshall, 2014, No-anchoring areas reduce coral damage in an effort to build resilience in Keppel Bay, southern Great Barrier Reef, vol. 21,no. 3,pp. 311–319
  • D.N. Jones, M.R. Griffiths, J.R. Griffiths, J.L.F. Hacker & J.B. Hacker, 2014, Implications of upgrading a minor forest road on traffic and road-kill in southeast Queensland, vol. 21,no. 4,pp. 429–440.
  • G Curran (2015) Political modernisation for ecologically sustainable development in Australia, vol. 22,no. 1,pp. 7–20. (in special issue on ESD)
  • G. Wardell-Johnson, D. Schoeman, T. Schlacher, A. Wardell-Johnson, M.A. Weston, Y. Shimizu and G. Conroy, 2015, Re-framing values for a World Heritage future: what type of icon will K’gari-Fraser Island become?  vol. 22,no. 2,pp. 124-148. (in special issue on Fraser Island).

The winner will be announced at the annual Gala dinner at the EIANZ's Annual Conference. The prize is sponsored by publisher, Taylor & Francis. The judging panel was Paul Eagles, Claire Freeman, Geoff Syme and Bec McIntyre (present and past AJEM Board members).

Articles are judged on:

  • Originality
  • Rigour
  • Relevance
  • Presentation
  • Responsibility
  • Potential to influence policy and/or practice
  • Capacity to engage AJEM’s readers.  

The last two criteria are weighted by 2.5 times the other criteria. 

September issue coming up

We trust readers have enjoyed the two special issues so far this year, March 2015 celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ecologically Sustainable Development policies in Australia, and June 2015 on K’Gari-Fraser Island. The September issue is in preparation. 

The September issue is close to final. We intend to include articles in wastewater reuse, the effects of the Caring for our Country program, blaming marine animals for pollution, communicating with landholders who are difficult to reach, environmental volunteers, rules and best management practice for forestry in New Zealand, and the impact of project announcements on property values.