New EIANZ Communications Committee

Published 30 Jul 2015

The EIANZ Board has established a series of Committees to inform its decision making on specific areas and reflect and support the purpose and priorities of the Institute.  The Communications Committee was established in June 2015 to help with the development and delivery of effective and relevant communications to members and the wider community about EIANZ activities and good practice environmental management.

Currently, the Committee is composed of the following members:

  • Helen Monks (Board member and Committee Chair) - drafting a Communications Strategy
  • Helen Ross (Member)  - Editor of the Australasian Journal of Environmental Management
  • Ian Boothroyd (Advisory Council member and President of the New Zealand Chapter) - working on sponsorship and advertising
  • Kelly Matthews (Member) - editor of the Environmental Practitioner and advertising
  • Bill Haylock (Member) - working on the Certified Environmental Practitioner program and sponsorship
  • Brett Thomson (Member) - working on sponsorship, media release reviews and advertising
  • Mark Harris (Member) - working on media releases
  • Samantha Lee (Member) - working on social media
  • Ross Sharrock (Member) - working on sponsorship and media releases.

The roles of the Communication Committee are to: 

  • Provide advice to the Board on communication policy, practice and programs of the EIANZ, and support the development of a communication plan for the EIANZ and its subsidiary elements
  • Advise on the development of an effective EIANZ presence on the web using integrated web based channels of communication, including an EIANZ website portal and social media channels
  • Advise on regular web based communications to members about the activities of the EIANZ and its subsidiary elements
  • Develop the capacity of the EIANZ and its subsidiary elements to have a regular and emergent press/media presence
  • Ensure the Australasian Journal of Environmental Management achieves the Institute’s objectives
  • Prepare the EIANZ Communications Strategy - this is currently being developed and should be adopted after consultation before the October Annual General Meeting.