Mentoring in the ACT

Published 21 March 2018 by Kelly Lee MEIANZ, ACT Division Mentoring coordinator

Over the last 12 months, I have had the privilege of joining the EIANZ mentoring program, and was assigned an inspiring mentor, a well respected professional in her field at the height of her career within ACT.

I would like to encourage EIANZ members to participate in this program, which is highly beneficial for both mentor and mentees, as we progress in our environmental career, in this highly competitive and rewarding field.

The mentoring program within EIANZ offers a great opportunity for our members, at any stage of their career, to gain a valuable experience which will assist in their professional development. Whether it is providing professional advice for our career, having an insight into their experience, or a general guidance as our career develops, a good partnership between a mentor and mentee can provide long term positive benefits throughout our career.

We encourage all members to participate in this program and to submit an expression of interest if you would like to become a mentor or a mentee. As a mentee, the ACT committee will match you with the best and most suitable available mentor. You may choose to have a mentor within the same field, or a different one. Let us know what would you hope to achieve from a mentoring relationship, or if you’re just seeking a general professional guidance at the start or at any stage of your career, and we will endeavour to help. For example, you may be a student or at an early stage of your career and would like some guidance to determine what field to progress into, or you may like some realistic and practical advice about working in your chosen field.

Just let us know what you need!

If you are at a more advanced stage in your career (10-20 years), we can provide advice as well. Whether it is to assist in developing your professional relationships, a review of your career, or discovering what you can contribute to younger professionals.

Please note that all mentoring relationship discussions and information is kept strictly confidential.

The ACT chapter has funding to support this valuable program and would therefore like to extend an invitation to our members to participate, either as a mentor, a mentee, or both!

We will be organising a social event, to provide a networking opportunity for potential mentees and mentors in the near future. It would be wonderful to see our members support this event and program.

Apply now!

Send an email to kelly@sesl.com.au with the following information:

  • Mentor / Mentee
  • Name and contact details (phone, email)
  • Your current situation – occupation, studies etc
  • For Mentors – recent resume
  • For Mentees – where you want to be in 5 years and what you hope to achieve from the mentoring program

More information 

Find out more information on the program here >