Mentor an RMIT environment student

Published 13 April 2016 by Ian Thomas, RMIT University

Become a mentor to a student of RMIT’s environment and sustainability programs. 

Being a mentor is a rewarding way to share your industry knowledge and experience with future graduates, as well as a chance to continue your own professional development. 

Advice and support from a mentor like you can make a huge difference to a student – increasing their confidence, building their knowledge of the workplace and supporting their journey to success. 

Mentoring can involve as little as three hours of your time over three months and you’ll be fully supported through RMIT’s industry mentoring program.

Sign up for RMIT's industry mentoring program today.

On RMIT's website, you can identify your areas of expertise and interest. Environment students will then be able to search the mentor database and a like-minded student will contact you to negotiate discussion time.

This is a great opportunity to assist students in launching themselves into the environment profession.

Certified Environmental Practitioners can record 1.5 points per hour of continuing professional development for mentoring as part of this program (capped at 40 points per two year period).

Refer to the RMIT website or contact Ian Thomas, Honorary Associate Professor at RMIT University, for further information about the mentoring program