EIANZ delivers innovative climate change professional development

Published 14 May 2015

EIANZ recently delivered Learning to Adapt - climate change adaptation professional development - for the second time in Sydney. Over 50 participants have now completed this innovative short course format, giving feedback like: "Access to these speakers from such a broad range of backgrounds over the whole course has been invaluable and having space to draw on the collective knowledge in the room and sharing resources has been excellent.”

EIANZ are now accepting registrations for Learning to Adapt in Brisbane and for the final day in Melbourne, featuring programs tailored to the state context. 

Group projects form a central part of the course, enabling participants to apply their learning and to deliver value to their employers and clients. Case studies to date include:

  • The Easter Island Moi
  • Vulnerable communities
  • Events at the Sydney Opera House
  • A major road by-pass
  • A university’s strategic plan
  • Several local government adaptation plans.

Group work is conducted through an online learning environment which also allows participants to discuss relevant readings.

The program is intended for established environmental professionals looking to develop a specialisation in climate change adaptation. The course is run over three separate full days of intensive collaborative learning delivering practical, hands on skills and knowledge at the postgraduate level.

Learning to Adapt is designed by experienced sustainability educators to engage participants in case studies and exercises presented by recognised expert guest speakers in climate change adaptation. Each course features more than 15 expert speakers, including leaders from the research community, the consulting industry,  local government, industry groups and NGOs. 

Successful completion of the course is recognised through EIANZ’s CEnvP scheme, the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star CPD scheme, by Infrastructure Council of Australia as a Master Class and by a certificate from RMIT (in Melbourne) and from Griffith University (in Brisbane). The course is also supported by Green Cross’s Business Adaptation Network and has been developed in partnership with the Office of Environment and Heritage (in NSW) and the City of Melbourne (in Victoria).

For more more information about the program or to register, visit the events section of the website.