Honorary Fellow and Life memberships awarded

Published 10 November 2016

At last week's Gala Dinner, Bill Haylock was awarded an Honorary Life Membership for outstanding contributions to the environment profession as demonstrated through his service to EIANZ and Barry Carbon was awarded an Honorary Fellow Membership for his outstanding contributions to the environment profession.

South East Queensland Member Bill Haylock has a strong commercial background consulting to the exploration and mining industries on environmental management. Over 25 years, he built and then sold Environmental and Licencing Professionals, one of Australia’s prominent environmental consultancy groups, and developed the renowned Muddy Boots workforce environmental training programs.

Bill played a pivotal role in reforming the SEQ Division, bringing a business approach to their activities, and from 1998 to 2004 he served as Vice-President, President and Councillor for the Division. Bill’s focus then shifted to the EIANZ Executive Committee and Council where he initially served as Vice-President, and then from 2005 until 2011 as President. He championed the development of a strategic focus on the future of the environment profession, supported the establishment of the EIANZ Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme and established the EIANZ awards that recognise outstanding achievements. Bill continues to contribute to the EIANZ by serving as a member of the Certification Board.

Western Australian Member Barry Carbon has occupied with distinction a number of senior positions in the public and private sectors, through which he has led the development of environmental policy and practice. As a scientist and public official, Barry Carbon has been at the forefront of innovation in good practice environmental management in Australia and New Zealand. His work as a Senior Principal Research Scientist in the CSIRO led to the development of multidisciplinary approaches to environmental research that underpin contemporary environmental practice and simulation models of the hydrological cycle in forests and pastures. His work with Alcoa led to the development of globally recognised good practice in the rehabilitation of mined land. Barry's work with governments of all political persuasions has led to innovative and practically focussed legislative enactments that remain at the forefront of environmental legislation in Australia and New Zealand. 

Barry Carbon is a founding member of the EIANZ and has championed the role of the EIANZ as the leading organisation for the development and governance of the environment profession.

EIANZ is proud to award Bill Haylock with Honorary Life Membership and Barry Carbon with Honorary Fellow Membership. Congratulations Bill and Barry.