Get involved in our Climate Change Special Interest Section

Published 2 July 2021

Climate change, in all its dimensions, is up there as one of the most complex social and environmental issues needing to be tackled head-on.  Directly and indirectly many EIANZ members need to respond to, mitigate or address the consequences of climate change in their day-to-day environmental practice.

For a number of years, the Climate Change Special Interest Section (SIS) has been the main vehicle through which the Institute has coordinated its internal and external climate change focus. With the recent challenges around COVID-19, the SIS has lost some of its momentum and now needs to be reinvigorated.

The Management Committee is the driving force of the SIS.  We are now looking for member volunteers to join the committee and to set and implement an effective direction through:

  • delivering effective and efficient practice outcomes for the climate and the impacted environment
  • defining appropriate climate related practice for environmental practitioners
  • representing the interests and standing of environmental practitioners and the Institute externally
  • ensuring that EIANZ members feel they have a voice and are being heard.

We are currently seeking members who:

  • have enough spare time to attend monthly “Zoom” calls and to do a little extra in between (there are always submissions or events to attend)
  • broadly represent EIANZ’s geographical, environmental practice, experience and climate related membership
  • want the EIANZ to be an important voice on this issue.

If you have a desire to promote good practice on climate change or its impacts and are interested in joining the Management Committee, please send your CV or a short bio about yourself to Neil Marshman FEIANZ (Climate Change SIS Chair) at ccsis@eianz.org>.