Get involved | Environmental Accounting Special Interest Section

Published 13 May 2022

The EIANZ's Environmental Accounting Special Interest Section was launched in July 2021 and aims to advance the professional standing and recognition of environmental accounting practitioners in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Environmental Accounting is the practice of measuring and accounting for all the material contributing factors that result in an impact to the environment. The main elements of this practice are shown in the graphic below.

These activities are most likely already undertaken by many of you in your various disciplines, so the coverage and relevance of this SIS is broad.

Your invitation to join our management committee

We are currently looking for EIANZ members who would be interested in joining our management committee. At this stage we have five committee members and additional people would add to our current skills and help share the workload.

We meet monthly to discuss a range of topics relating to the governance of the SIS, planning special events as well as engagement, outreach and advocacy.

Come join in and help us to:

  • raise awareness of environmental accounting;
  • facilitate discussion around the many areas it covers;
  • engage with industry professionals, regulators and educational institutions; and
  • develop standardised practices and accreditations.

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch by email (easis@eianz.org) to discuss next steps.