Feedback sought on Commonwealth's review of climate change policies

Published 12 Apr 2017

The Commonwealth Government’s Review of Climate Change Policies (2017) is a  significant review for the Institute. The Department of Environment and Energy has released a discussion paper as the first part of its review and the Climate Change Special Interest Section (CCSIS) is coordinating a response on behalf of EIANZ to this document. 

The CCSIS is seeking volunteers to contribute to the response. Please contact Andrew Chamberlin of the CCSIS as soon as possible if you would like to volunteer to be part of the team preparing the response.

Alternatively, you can provide feedback to be considered in the response. Please provide:

  • Comments (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) on any of the existing initiatives listed based on your experience.
  • Suggested new initiatives to assist in meeting the Paris target or for adaptation 
  • Answers to specific questions in the discussion paper.
  • Evidence or references to support any claims, or facts made in relation to the above three points.

A copy of the Institute’s Position Statement on Climate Change can be found here →

Please provide your contribution to Andrew Chamberlin of the CCSIS by 20 April 2017. Andrew can be contacted by email at andrew@limebranch.com or on 0412 242 316

More information

View the Department of Environment and Energy's discussion paper →

View EIANZ position statement on Climate Change →

Email Andrew Chamberlin →