Fabian Sack awarded Fellow membership

Published 10 September 2015

Fabian Sack was recently awarded Fellow membership of the Institute. Fabian has been a member of the EIANZ for 20 years and is a past President of the NSW Division of the EIANZ. He has been an active member of the Institute’s Policy and Practice Committee over the past decade. He presently manages the Learning to Adapt program of professional development on climate change adaptation for the Institute.

Fabian has been a thought leader in sustainability for over 20 years. He led Sydney Water’s sustainability change management program for a decade. Since then he has held senior private and public sector roles building capacity in the infrastructure and energy sectors. His company Sustainably… now provides research, training and advisory services, often in collaborative partnerships with governments, NGOs, universities, TAFEs and businesses. 

Fabian’s area of special interest is social sustainability, in particular the evolution of skills for sustainability and the development of methodologies that account for social impact. Fabian also has an evolving interest in our society’s resilience and adaption in the face of global climate, social and economic change.

Fabian holds a PhD in corporate environmental ethics and is an associate of the University of Sydney Integrated Sustainability Analysis unit. He has contributed to books, journals and conferences on ecological footprinting, skills for sustainability and social life cycle assessment. He is a casual teacher in sustainability and environmental management at two NSW TAFEs and an occasional guest speaker at a number of universities.

Fabian currently sits on the Total Environment Centre Management Committee and is a member of the National Climate Change Research Facility Project Review group. In the past Fabian has been a member of the St Vincent and Mater Human Research Ethics Committee and was one of the initial teachers and teacher trainers in the Primary Ethics program. He also acted as secretary to the Sydney Water Business Ethics Committee.