EIANZ's EPBC Act Review submission

Published 7 May 2020
EIANZ's EPBC Act Review submission


We are pleased to share with you our submission to the independent review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. This submission explores ways in which the existing regulatory framework can be made to work more effectively.

Our submission represents the views of our members; it was developed by a working group of highly qualified and experienced members and endorsed by the Institute’s Board. It was informed by an extensive member and public consultation process. This included a series of online forums which provided environmental practitioners with an opportunity to discuss ideas and provide direct feedback on the review process. The responses address the questions outlined in the discussion paper and the recommendations formed draw from case studies and expertise of highly qualified environmental practitioners.

EIANZ would like to thank everyone involved in this submission and will continue to connect with you throughout the review process.

Click here to download the submission