EIANZ signs MOU with International Association of Impact Assessment

Published 31 January 2014

EIANZ has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA).

IAIA is the leading global network on best practice in the use of impact assessment for informed decision making regarding policies, programs, plans and projects. Through its activities, IAIA provides the international forum for advancing innovation and communication of best practice in all forms of impact assessment to further the development of global capacity in impact assessment.

The agreement cements a cooperative and collaborative relationship between IAIA and EIANZ to promote and enhance the quality of impact assessment and encourage communication and knowledge exchange between members of the two organisations and allows IAIA members to participate in the EIANZ Impact Assessment SIS. 

EIANZ also has strategic alliances with the following organisations that have similar roles in terms of representing professionals:

  • ECO Canada
  • Society for the Environment
  • National Environmental Law Association
  • New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment
  • The Safety Institute of Australia
  • The Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering
  • The Australasian Land and Groundwater Association.