Educating kids on carbon

Published 27 June 2016 by Naomi Martin, Sydney Opera House Children, Families & Creative Learning team

Sydney Opera House Children, Families and Creative Learning team created a video in collaboration with ABC’s ‘Dirt Girl’ and ‘Costa’ explaining the carbon footprint of their show,  ‘Get Grubby the Musical’ when it was presented at Sydney Opera House in January 2016. The video also explores how kids can help to reduce their carbon footprint at home.

Watch the video here →

To offset the emissions resulting from the Get Grubby the Musical, the team planted 1000 native Australian trees on Earth Day in April 2016.

This initiative is a great example of an arts organisation educating kids on carbon and taking their own action towards a better future. 
This model of carbon neutral creative learning productions with supporting education resources will be expanded in 2017, with the goal of the Children, Families and Creative Learning program being totally carbon neutral in 2019.  

Bridgette Van Leuven, the Head of Children, Families & Creative Learning says, ‘Climate Change will most effect the young audiences of our shows, and families across Australia will be effected. We believe it is our responsibility to creatively engage and educate children about climate change and demonstrate how we can all make a difference to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.’