Coming up in the Australasian Journal of Environmental Management

Published 27 Jun 2016 by Helen Ross FEIANZ, AJEM Editor

The September AJEM is focusing on addressing public participation and community engagement in environmental management. If you have a subscription to the Journal, you can previews articles selected for the September issue online here. Make sure you log into the EIANZ website first.

Articles under consideration for inclusion in the September issue are:

  • Does the global reporting initiative influence sustainability disclosures in Asia-Pacific banks?
  • Not in our park! Local community perceptions of recreational activities in peri-urban national parks.
  • Backyard bandicoots: community attitudes towards conservation planning in residential developments Implementing an outcomes-based approach to marine biodiversity offsets: lessons from the Great Barrier Reef
  • If climate change means more intense and more frequent drought, what will that mean for agricultural production? A case study in Northern Australia Small changes to this listing are possible.