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Published 13 November 2015 by Helen Ross FEIANZ, AJEM editor

The December 2015 issue of the Australasian Journal of Environmental Management (AJEM) features a diverse set of articles on water.

The editorial, by Claudia Baldwin, Helen Ross and Bill Carter, recalls the achievements and unfinished business of the National Water Commission, which was closed in 2014. The editorial also provides an executive summary of the articles in the issue, linked to the National Water Commission’s work, and celebrates the winners of EIANZ annual prizes. 

The articles are:

  • Politics, socio-economics and water allocations: A note on the limits of integrated water resource management by Lin Crase and Bethany Cooper
  • Disruption in water quality patterns along the river continuum by a large bottom release dam by Douglas Westhorpe, Simon Mitrovic, Ivor Growns, Wade Hadwen and Gavin Rees 
  • Resolving long-term issues related to surface water management and monitoring associated with the Ranger Uranium Mine, Northern Territory, Australia by Barry Hart, Mark Taylor, Michelle Iles, Geoff Kyle and Greg Sinclair 
  • Drinking water safety in recreational parks in northern New South Wales, Australia by Fidelis Jaravani, David Durrheim, Paul Byleveld, Michael Oelgemoeller, and Jenni Judd; and 
  • Forecasting tropical cyclone induced rainfall in coastal Australia: Implications for effective flood management by Kamal Saha, Masud Hasan and Ali Quazi

Collectively these articles advance knowledge on institutional arrangements, water quality, and information for decision-making. 

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