Calling all ecologists

Published 20 February 2015

Dave Fleming, Principal Ecologist at Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty Ltd has been appointed Chair of the Ecology Special Interests Section (SIS) of the EIANZ. 

Dave says he is delighted to have the opportunity to reinvigorate the Ecology SIS and is looking forward to reconnecting with members of the Institute previously involved with the SIS, and new members with an interest in ecology and keen to be involved.

‘I am particularly passionate about engaging with the members to encourage active dialogue and participation in robust discussions around current and emerging trends, issues and challenges in the ecology space. As the Chair of the Ecology SIS it is important for me to promote best practice and high ethical standards in ecological assessment, research and management, and to encourage relevant members to gain certification as an Ecology specialist in the Certified Environmental Practitioner scheme’, Dave said.

Any members who would like to participate in the Ecology SIS and support the continuation of this important role within the Institute are encouraged to contact Dave Fleming at dfleming@ehpartners.com.au or phone 0407 512 176.