Call for papers open for EIANZ's 2017 Annual Conference

Published 29 March 2017 by Michael Chilcott FEIANZ CEnvP, President EIANZ

It is my pleasure to introduce this Call for Papers for EIANZ’s 2017 Annual Conference. This year our Conference will be hosted by  EIANZ’s New Zealand Chapter. It will be held in Wellington, New Zealand with activities happening across Sunday 29 October to Wednesday 1 November.

This is a milestone year for EIANZ - our 30th Anniversary year- and our Conference theme, challenges us to Stand Tall.

We can, of course, Stand Tall because our efforts across 30 years has made a real difference around the world, within our region and across Australia and New Zealand - creating better and more sustainable places.

However, we must continue to Stand Tall because our work is not yet done. Wicked problems abound, and as a profession we have our work cut out. 

Wicked problems need wicked solutions and so our conference theme challenges us not only to Stand Tall, but also to Front Up in Wellington with those Wicked Solutions.

And what is a Wicked Solution?

Like their problem counterpart, Wicked Solutions need to reflect the complexities of the our world and of the environmental issues we face. They respond to the interconnected nature of environmental, social and economic factors. They are more nuanced, sophisticated and systemic than their often more simple predecessors. Environmental practitioners, trained in systems thinking and armed with multidisciplinary skills sets, are well positioned to find Wicked Solutions.

While our 2017 Annual Conference will reflect on the contribution of  EIANZ across 30 years, it also needs to generate the new tools and new solutions – the Wicked Solutions – to solve the increasingly complex problems before us.

I invite you to Front up and Stand Tall! Join us for the Institute’s 2017 Conference in Wellington, respond to this Call for Papers, and build the Wicked Solutions we need for the 21st century. 

More information

The call for papers closes Friday 26 May 2017.

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