Call for Expressions of Interest | Membership of the Visiting Panel for the Otago University Accreditation Submission

Published 17 May 2019

The EIANZ Qualifications Accreditation Scheme(QAS) Board is looking for two senior New Zealand members of the EIANZ to participate in the Visiting Panel that will evaluate the applications received from the University of Otago for QAS accreditation of its Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Applied Science Programs in Environmental Management.

Members of the Visiting Panel will work as a team of three persons under the leadership of a senior academic who will chair the panel.  The Visiting Panel will visit the university, interview staff and students, inspect teaching, laboratory and field facilities and report to the QAS Board as to whether the qualifications ought to be accredited in accordance with the criteria set out in the QAS Manual. The arrangements for the Visiting Panel are to be made by the university and are likely to involve travel and overnight stays within New Zealand. 

The time involved is likely to be 2-3 days for the actual visit and some collaboration electronically after the visit to finalise a report to the QAS Board. The time of the Visiting Panel is unpaid, though the QAS Board makes a small honorarium payment in recognition of the contribution made to the profession.

The timing of a visit by a Visiting Panel is up to the university, but could be expected to occur in late July 2019.

Expressions of Interest should take the form of a covering letter setting out:

  • your experience in formal educational activities relating to the development of the environment profession,
  • the reasons why you think that your skills and experience will allow you to contribute effectively to a Visiting Panel, and
  • a statement that you know of no reasons why there may be a conflict of interest associated with you being appointed as a member of the Visiting Panel.

The covering letter must be accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae that identifies your academic qualifications, professional associations (EIANZ membership and CEnvP status), and professional experience.

Expressions of interest should be emailed to qas@eianz.org by close of business on 14 June 2019.