Are your membership details up to date?

Published 19 January 2017

You can easily manage your contact and membership details by logging into our website and visiting the Member Centre

To update your membership details, select 'My memberships' from the right hand navigation menu and then select the 'Update' tab.

Here you can:

  • Elect to be part of a Special Interest Section
  • Make sure the most up to date version of your CV is on file (if not, you can upload the current version)
  • Update your contact details
  • Change your email marketing preferences
  • Select your areas of practice or expertise.

It will only take a minute to check your details are up to date.  

If you are not sure what your username is or have any issues logging in, please contact Central Office on office@eianz.org or +613 8593 4140 (AU) or +61 9887 6972 (NZ).