Announcing the new EIANZ Board

Published 8 November 2019

Board Election Outcome

The 2019 EIANZ Board election outcome has now been finalised. Congratulations and welcome to the new Board members. The new Board commenced their roles on 5 November after the 2019 AGM.

  • Bryan Jenkins | President
  • Vicki Brady | Vice-President (Australia)
  • Isobel Oldfield | Vice-President (New Zealand)
  • Elizabeth Stark | Treasurer
  • Mark Breitfuss | Secretary
  • Daniel Lim | Ordinary Board Member
  • Alan Chenoweth | Ordinary Board Member

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Thank you to all nominees and voters for your engagement in this election. The election of Board members is an important aspect of the governance of the Institute, and we had a diverse and strong field of candidates for the contested Board positions and a solid voter turnout. A special thanks to Returning Officer, Nicole Brown who managed this election process to a very high standard.