EIANZ 2022 Australian Federal Election Statement

Published 2 March 2022

The EIANZ is proud to present the Institute’s statement for this year’s Australian Federal election. Our statement draws on the expertise of our members who work across sectors including government, industry, and academia, covering all areas of environmental practice.

Our statement is centred on four strategic recommendations:

  1. Elevate the priority for protecting and restoring the natural, cultural, heritage and built environments across Australia
  2. Make policy fit for current and future environmental, climate, and social needs
  3. Increase government resourcing for implementing critical legislation and support action and data collection across borders and public/private/non-profit groups
  4. Harness and support opportunities by providing clear and sustained policy settings, enhance the public good where there are valid market failures, and defend and promote the national interest at home and abroad.


Our statement calls on the next Australian Government to take rapid but researched action to:

  • Support a national approach to the Circular Economy, Waste and Pollution
  • Implement in its entirety the recommendations of the recent review into Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Reform
  • Act decisively, and scientifically to mitigate Climate Change
  • Integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Knowledge and Management of Places into the Australian approach to environmental management.


Our statement includes specific actions to address Australia’s environmental challenges, harness opportunities for environmental reform and help ensure a consistent policy approach to sustainable development.