EIANZ 2021 Annual Conference: Call for Papers Open

Published 3 June 2021

The EIANZ 2021 Annual Conference is being hosted by the EIANZ Victorian Division and provides an exciting opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and ideas around the theme 'How good is science!?' The double punctuation in this year's theme is deliberate and invites presenters and participants to decide on how they will approach the theme.

Call for papers and session proposals now open

Abstracts and session proposals are invited on the following conference sub-themes:

  • Contribution of science to policy, planning and decision-making: Where has it been effective and why? Where has it not been effective and why? How do we turn science into policy?
  • Quality of science: How do we ensure that we produce good quality science? How do we define good quality?
  • Relevance of science: Is scientific research focusing on the most important issues? How do we prioritise in an age of limited budgets while still encouraging innovative science?
  • Translating science and expertise into action: How does good science have an impact and create value? How can we use science in environmental management? How effective is science in supporting compliance?
  • Communicating science: As a profession, do we do enough to communicate good science? Do we do enough within our own profession? How can we better influence / inform mainstream scientific communicators? How do we improve media coverage of science?
  • Contribution of Indigenous knowledge to science: How can we create better synergies between scientific evidence and Indigenous knowledge? What are the challenges in using and communicating Indigenous knowledge and how do we overcome them?
  • Limitations of science: How do we balance science against community concerns and perceptions? How do we deal with uncertainty and natural variability, (e.g. climate change)? What limitations does science have?
Deadline for submissions: Friday 25 June.

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