SIA Resources

SIA Resources

The Social Impact Assessment Working Group of the EIANZ has developed this resources page on social impact assessment, including case studies, guidelines and key academic literature.

Impact Assessment Studies

The spreadsheet (available below) contains an outline and links to a number of social impact assessment studies from various jurisdictions. All are available on regulatory websites.

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If you are aware of a study that exemplifies an aspect of best practice that you think would be useful to other practitioners, please complete our nomination form and send to sia@eianz.org.au.

Nominations will be reviewed by a panel comprising working group members: Dr Richard Parsons (NSW), Chris Sunderland (Queensland) and Jane Munday (Northern Territory).

Disclaimer: This does not amount to a regulatory or peer review, just a quick review to confirm that the study appears to be suitable for inclusion and confirm its categorisation.

Other resources

The document (available below) contains links to a number of guidelines, academic articles, land court decisions and useful websites.

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See also the SIA Hub and International Association for Impact Assessment’s citations list.