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2019 National Biodiversity Offsets Conference

2019 National Biodiversity Offsets Conference

The National Biodiversity Offsets Conference was held in Canberra on 26 - 28 August 2019.

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Speaker Presentations

David Takacs,
University of California Hastings,
College of Law
Biodiversity Offsetting: Making Life Fungible
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Kerry Ten Kate,
Forests Trends Association
Working towards no net loss and a net gain of biodiversity: Some key lessons on law and policy
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David Francis,
Mitigation Hierarchy
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Ascelin Gordon,


The challenge of no net loss: a framework for evaluating biodiversity offset policies
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Martine Maron,
University Of Queensland
The basics of best practice in biodiversity offsetting, and a new alternative: target-based ecological compensation
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Tor Hundloe AM,
Griffith University

You can have your cake and eat it too
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Christopher Ewing,
CO2 Australia
Australia’s Biodiversity Offset Market - Panacea or Pipe Dream?
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Alan Key,
Markets for Biodiversity Offsets
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Maria Kwiatkowska,
Biodiversity Conservation Trust
Delivering a strategic biodiversity offsetting service
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Nick Thomas,
Clayton Utz

Offsets as an opportunity - the NSW experience
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John Seidel,
Lessons and outcomes from a decade of using biodiversity assessment metrics in NSW
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Scott Whiting,
Planning, Implementing and measuring the effectiveness of a long-term marine offset: The Northwest Shelf Flatback Turtle Conservation Program.
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Travis Peake,
Umwelt Australia
A Consultant’s Perspective on Biodiversity Offsets
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Adam Schutz,
DoE (SA)
A brief history of offsetting in South Australia
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Renee Rossini, Queensland Trust for
Offsets with outcomes
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Kate Auty,
Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment Offsets and Strategic Assessment Audits
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Chris McCombe,
Minerals Council of Australia
Biodiversity Offsets - Mineral Industry Perspectives
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Gareth Rees,
Inland Rail ARTC
Infrastructure and Offsets: Obligations, outcomes and opportunities
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Carole Rayner,
Queensland's environmental offsets framework and review
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Day 2 Workshop Presentation facilitated by Garry Middle View presentation →